Mark Belling

Yesterday the godfather of Wisconsin conservative talk radio, Mark Belling, of Milwaukee’s WISN, was the first to break the news that David Clarke, Sheriff of Milwaukee County, was resigning, effective at the end of the day. Belling tweeted out the news at 3:07 p.m. (Central time), just as he started his three-hour show:

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UPDATE (7/18): On July 16 Legal Insurrection published a detailed post on McKenzie, focusing on Benjamin Boyce’s interview of her (and kindly mentioning this blog), here. (Please RT this to help it go viral).

Tucker Carlson discussed McKenzie on his July 17 show, here:

On July 18 John Sexton published an excellent post on her, on Hot Air, here (please RT this).

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BACKGROUND: Here is this blogger’s June 12 video on the 3-minute statement of McKenzie Kyger to the Board of Trustees of Evergreen State College, which has gone viral (105,000+ views):

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The once-great Washington Post, long plagued with credibility problems conceded by its own ombudsmen in 2011, was caught last year publishing fake news, and more recently was caught actually creating fake news.

Now WaPo has fallen even further. It is being reviled for what some are suggesting is “child abuse,” with its June 29 release of this video of children — members of the “Washington Post Kids Chorus” — singing lines it scripted for them, as part of its partisan political attack on President Trump. Continue Reading »

At 3:10 p.m. (Central time) today, for 15 minutes Wisconsin conservative talk-radio host Vicki McKenna interviewed (on her Madison, WIBA, show) James O’Keefe III, of Project Veritas, on “American Pravda” — his epic video series which launched this week, using hidden-camera videos to document the true nature of CNN.

This blogger live-tweeted the interview. The tweets are presented after the break, without further comment. An audio clip will be embedded here as soon as available.

Update: Here’s the full audio (with a one-minute preview):


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Imagine takedown

Shiny Happy takedown

Yesterday afternoon the appalling Evergreen State College published a short video on its recent graduation. It’s a communist-propaganda-style video, produced by employees on the government payroll, by which Evergreen — led by the detestable George Bridges and the even more detestable Naima Lowe — seeks to project an image of normalcy and deflect attention from the horrible problems at this largely taxpayer-funded institution. Continue Reading »

So the New York Times finally sent a reporter to Evergreen State College, more than three weeks after the unrest began on May 23, when dozens of leftist students were caught on video surrounding and shouting down a professor, Bret Weinstein, for having objected to an official policy of racial segregation on campus (a request that all whites leave for the day).

Only in Bizarro World would college students brand a professor as “racist” for speaking out against racial segregation, and advocating color-blind policies.

Only in Bizarro World would a supposedly “elite” newspaper like the New York Times fail to document — or even mention — evidence that a prime mover behind the crisis at Evergreen is a foul-mouthed, anti-American, black and queer professor, Naima Lowe. Continue Reading »

Here are highlights of Mike Cernovich‘s 30-minute Periscope video this afternoon which, as Stephen Molyneaux has noted, contains “[a]n incredibly important message” for President Trump.