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Later posts will cover other aspects of yesterday’s oral argument, but this was the most dramatic moment (longer version of video, with complete exchange, here):

Please RT this (first 2:20 of video).

And this (last minute of video).



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This is Part II of a series of posts on a Wisconsin Supreme Court case of nationwide significance, which will likely end up as a landmark precedent in the field of academic freedom, John McAdams v. Marquette University (court docket sheet here).

Part I collects the appellate briefs in the case.

Part II collects, in reverse chronological order, important articles and blog posts.

This Part III collects, in reverse chronological order, important multimedia items, with an emphasis on interviews of various people connected to the case. Particularly informative items are marked with an asterisk. (This post will be likely be updated later, to include older items and perhaps also add future items.) (more…)

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This is Part II of a series of posts on a Wisconsin Supreme Court case of nationwide significance, which will likely end up as a landmark precedent in the field of academic freedom, John McAdams v. Marquette University (court docket sheet here).

Part I collects the appellate briefs in the case.

This Part II collects, in reverse chronological order, important articles and blog posts. Particularly informative items are marked with an asterisk.  (This post will be likely be updated later, to include older items and perhaps also add items published in the future.) (more…)

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Tomorrow the Wisconsin Supreme Court will hear oral argument in a case of nationwide significance, which will likely end up as a landmark precedent in the field of academic freedom, John McAdams v. Marquette University (court docket sheet here).

The principal question in the case is whether Marquette University‘s firing of Dr. McAdams, a tenured professor, for publishing a politely worded blog post mildly critical of a graduate student instructor (naming her and linking to her own blog), violated First Amendment principles (which were voluntarily adopted by Marquette, a private university, in its contracts with its tenured professors).

The trial court threw out the lawsuit filed by Dr. McAdams (decision here), but the Supreme Court (on which 5 of the 7 justices now serving are generally regarded as “conservative”) granted direct review (so that the case bypassed the intermediate appellate court) — suggesting the Court is inclined to rule in favor of Dr. McAdams. (more…)

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H/t to Milwaukee lawyer and conservative talk-radio host Dan O’Donnell.

My 17-minute video here:

My 37-second “teaser” video here.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel coverage by Annysa Johnson here.

Raw video of the shouting match here.

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Dan O’Donnell, a lawyer and Milwaukee talk-show host, broke the story on April 13. His blog post is here. Full audio from his show starts at 39:55 here.

This blogger has prepared this Youtube version of excerpts from Dan’s show (short, funny “teaser” version on Twitter here; please retweet!):


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The campaign for a vacant seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court has taken on national significance, with prominent Democrats such as “Creepy” Joe Biden, “Crazy” Bernie Sanders, “Derogatory” Cory Booker, and Eric (“The Duck”) Holder — calm on the surface, but with “little duck feet” that “are just moving as fast as they can underneath,” he’s bragged (seriously, you can watch it here) — intervening in the race in recent weeks.

A key question at this juncture is whether Wisconsin’s heavily liberal mainstream media outlets will inform voters of a recent development, adverse to the liberal candidate, Judge Rebecca Dallet, before voters go to the polls tomorrow. (more…)

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Mark Belling

Yesterday the godfather of Wisconsin conservative talk radio, Mark Belling, of Milwaukee’s WISN, was the first to break the news that David Clarke, Sheriff of Milwaukee County, was resigning, effective at the end of the day. Belling tweeted out the news at 3:07 p.m. (Central time), just as he started his three-hour show:


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UPDATE (7/18): On July 16 Legal Insurrection published a detailed post on McKenzie, focusing on Benjamin Boyce’s interview of her (and kindly mentioning this blog), here. (Please RT this to help it go viral).

Tucker Carlson discussed McKenzie on his July 17 show, here:

On July 18 John Sexton published an excellent post on her, on Hot Air, here (please RT this).

* * * * *

BACKGROUND: Here is this blogger’s June 12 video on the 3-minute statement of McKenzie Kyger to the Board of Trustees of Evergreen State College, which has gone viral (105,000+ views):


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The once-great Washington Post, long plagued with credibility problems conceded by its own ombudsmen in 2011, was caught last year publishing fake news, and more recently was caught actually creating fake news.

Now WaPo has fallen even further. It is being reviled for what some are suggesting is “child abuse,” with its June 29 release of this video of children — members of the “Washington Post Kids Chorus” — singing lines it scripted for them, as part of its partisan political attack on President Trump. (more…)

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At 3:10 p.m. (Central time) today, for 15 minutes Wisconsin conservative talk-radio host Vicki McKenna interviewed (on her Madison, WIBA, show) James O’Keefe III, of Project Veritas, on “American Pravda” — his epic video series which launched this week, using hidden-camera videos to document the true nature of CNN.

This blogger live-tweeted the interview. The tweets are presented after the break, without further comment. An audio clip will be embedded here as soon as available.

Update: Here’s the full audio (with a one-minute preview):


* * * * * (more…)

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Imagine takedown

Shiny Happy takedown

Yesterday afternoon the appalling Evergreen State College published a short video on its recent graduation. It’s a communist-propaganda-style video, produced by employees on the government payroll, by which Evergreen — led by the detestable George Bridges and the even more detestable Naima Lowe — seeks to project an image of normalcy and deflect attention from the horrible problems at this largely taxpayer-funded institution. (more…)

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So the New York Times finally sent a reporter to Evergreen State College, more than three weeks after the unrest began on May 23, when dozens of leftist students were caught on video surrounding and shouting down a professor, Bret Weinstein, for having objected to an official policy of racial segregation on campus (a request that all whites leave for the day).

Only in Bizarro World would college students brand a professor as “racist” for speaking out against racial segregation, and advocating color-blind policies.

Only in Bizarro World would a supposedly “elite” newspaper like the New York Times fail to document — or even mention — evidence that a prime mover behind the crisis at Evergreen is a foul-mouthed, anti-American, black and queer professor, Naima Lowe. (more…)

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Here are highlights of Mike Cernovich‘s 30-minute Periscope video this afternoon which, as Stephen Molyneaux has noted, contains “[a]n incredibly important message” for President Trump.

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Update (June 12): Welcome, Breitbart News (Tom Ciccotta) readers! (In his post Tom carefully notes, on a point this blogger simply assumed without actual evidence: “It is unclear if the individual arrested is an Evergreen student.”

Update 2 (June 13): Thanks to Michelle Malkin and Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit) for retweeting this video. Huge boost!

Update 3 (June 14): Welcome, Instapundit (Glenn Reynolds) readers! Glenn (“The Blogfather“) is the guy who put this blog on the map, with numerous links during its launch in February, 2011. This blog post was read today by more 5,000 of Glenn’s readers! More than 19,000 have viewed the new (12-minute) video, in addition to the 5,609 who viewed the old (10-minute) video initially linked by Breitbart News.

* * *

Why does it fall to an obscure Wisconsin blogger to break important news of developments in a story of national importance (previously covered by the New York TimesWashington PostWeekly Standard, and National Review), which continues to unfold in Olympia, Washington?Evergreen4

Two days ago, students at Evergreen State College repeatedly F-bombed Christian fundamentalists who were peaceably and legally assembled on the main campus plaza (public property) to urge anyone who cared to listen to accept Jesus Christ as their savior. (more…)

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This morning an especially stupid and intellectually odious liberal blogger named Matthew Yglesias — a member of the overlord “ruling class” simultaneously so narcissistic that he fancies himself as writing not for us, but for future historians, but so obtuse that he compares people who disagree with him to Hitler — published this tweet mocking average Americans for their support of President Trump:

May 29 Matthew Yglesias tweet

Which led Chris Arnade (FB, Twitter, Medium, Flickr, Tumblr), who is far more knowledgeable than Yglesias about the reality of the lives of average Americans (though he holds a Ph.D and has enjoyed far more financial success than Yglesias, he’s still the one you’d rather have a beer with), to write a dozen tweets.

Arnade self portrait

Chris Arnade

Arnade’s tweet storm is set forth below for easy reading. These tweets, and Arnade’s more detailed essays and photographs documenting everyday life in America, are much more likely to be of interest to future historians than anything Yglesias ever has written. or ever will write. (more…)

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Clarke People's Sheriff

On Wednesday, May 17, the Sheriff of Milwaukee County, David A. Clarke Jr., announced he will be resigning in the near future to join the Trump Administration. Sheriff Clarke will be filling “a senior role at the Department of Homeland Security” (DHS), in charge of coordinating the Department’s interaction with thousands of state, local, tribal, and territorial law-enforcement agencies. (more…)

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Dan O'Donnell

Dan O’Donnell

On May 11, Dan O’Donnell of Milwaukee’s WISN — the rising star of Wisconsin conservative talk radio, who has won the prestigious national Edward R. Murrow award for broadcast journalism not just once, but twice — executed the ultimate takedown of university bureaucrats who coddle stressed-out students by supplying them with a panoply of relaxation techniques for coping with the stress of final exams. (If you like this post, retweet this.) (more…)

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Mark Belling

Mark Belling

On May 2 the godfather of Wisconsin conservative talk radio, Mark Belling (who regularly guest hosts for Rush Limbaugh) of Milwaukee’s WISN, broke news about the nine liberals on the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission Board (led by Steven M. DeVougas, Chair, and MaryNell Regan, Executive Director), who had unanimously voted to devalue U.S. military service, by drastically reducing the preference accorded veterans in the hiring process for police and firefighters.  (more…)

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Professor John McAdams

John McAdams, the esteemed political science professor at once-esteemed Marquette University, had a setback in court yesterday in the lawsuit he brought against Marquette for stripping him of his tenure, suspending him, and ordering him to write an apology, for writing a blog post in which he criticized an instructor in another department for her bullying of a student in his department.

Yesterday a state-court trial judge dismissed the lawsuit. The lead attorney for Professor McAdams is Rick Esenberg of the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL). A radio interview he granted yesterday is embedded below. (more…)

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Update 1 (3 p.m.): This blog post, and Mark Belling’s interview of WI Attorney General Brad Schimel, have gone viral thanks to tweets by James O’Keefe:

Update 2 (3:15 p.m.): Patrick Marley of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has published a followup article referencing the Belling-Schimel interview (and this blog post): “Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel contradicts office, says voter fraud probe is open.” Anyone following this story should read the whole thing. [further, 4 p.m., update — link to article has been tweeted by O’Keefe and Project Veritas.]

Update 3 (4 p.m.): Patrick Marley now has another amazing scoop: just hours before Wisconsin AG Brad Schimel told Mark Belling that the investigation into vote fraud was OPEN, Schimel told the Wisconsin Radio Network that the investigation was CLOSED!:

In breaking this story on Twitter, Marley linked to audio of the interview (article and audio are here) and posted this transcript of Schimel’s remarks.

In a recent tweet, O’Keefe notes the conflicting stories over whether or not the investigation is over, and asks: “Which is true?” Good question.

Update 4 (4:45 p.m.)Patrick Marley has now updated his followup article (originally posted at 2:55 p.m. today). He now notes in the first paragraph that Schimel’s comments on Belling’s show contradicted “comments he made hours earlier that the probe had been closed.” Paragraphs 10-13 compare Schimel’s statement that Project Veritas was spreading “fake news” (an accusation to which O’Keefe did not react kindly) by complaining that the investigation was closed, with Schimel’s statement hours earlier that the investigation was closed:

“I appreciate the work that groups like Project Veritas do to expose corruption and criminal conspiracies, but the war of words that has sparked up in the last 24 hours is incited by fake news, Mark,” Schimel said.

But hours earlier, Schimel described the investigation as closed in his interview with the Wisconsin Radio Network.

“We didn’t seek to shame anyone but when we do an investigation, that is after we close it, it is a public record and therefore when members of the media wanted to see the results of the investigation they were able to get their hands on that,” he said.

“We did take it seriously and looked at this to see whether there was something we could pursue and just concluded that there’s not anything that provided itself as a viable investigatory lead.”

Update 5 (7:30 p.m.):

Ernst-Ulrich Franzen

Ernst-Ulrich Franzen

Surveying today’s wreckage at the Wisconsin Department of Justice, in an op-ed posted this evening, Ernst-Ulrich Franzen, the Sentinel Journal‘s associate editorial page editor, asks: “What game is Schimel playing?

Update 6 (Apr. 29, 9 p.m.): Here’s a video splicing together the contradictory statements made by Attorney General Brad Schimel in his two separate radio interviews of April 27 (if you think others would find it informative, please RT this):

*   *   *   *   *   *



James O’Keefe III

Conservative journalist James O’Keefe was not pleased when he read this April 25 article by Patrick Marley of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, reporting that the Wisconsin Department of Justice had concluded that O’Keefe’s Project Veritas sting operation last year into rigging of Wisconsin elections by leftists, documented by undercover videos, showed no violation of Wisconsin laws, and that the investigation had come to an end. (more…)

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Today a prominent San Francisco conservative attorney, Harmeet Dhillon (who has been mentioned for a top DOJ position) filed a lawsuit against UC-Berkeley regarding its resistance to scheduling an appearance by Ann Coulter (Washington Post overview here; Gateway Pundit (Jim Hoft) analysis here.)

Late this afternoon, Breitbart.com broke news of the press conference Ms. Dhillon held today, in which she provided an overview of the litigation, and gave detailed answers to various questions posed by journalists. See this overview by Lucas Nolan (including link to CBS video) and commentary by Joel Pollak (focusing on the ACLU’s failure to assist with the litigation).

For the convenience of readers, the video of the press conference has been divided into 11 segments, with the complete playlist viewable here. Each video is also embedded below. (more…)

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Update: Welcome, College Fix readers!



Meet Esmeralda Tovar (a 2014 graduate of the top-notch Milwaukee public school system), another example of a college student of Mexican heritage who is offended — or at least who claims to be offended — by a seemingly trivial example of supposed cultural insensitivity. (more…)

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Below are excerpts from Mark Belling’s shows in which Mark explains how John Humphries is “lying” in claiming to have supported Act 10 & Scott Walker — he’s a “fundamentally dishonest,” “phony” con artist and “fraud” who voted AGAINST Scott Walker and Donald Trump. (more…)

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“Will you be my gender queer / gender non-conforming Valentine?”

That’s a question not asked this Valentine’s Day on the “Datamatch” matchmaking website, run by Harvard students at the Harvard Computer Society. And the campus is an an uproar over it, according to an article in today’s Harvard Crimson. (more…)

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Prof. Laura Kipnis

Did the campus police chief at Northwestern University issue a campus-wide security alert, warning women of a risk of being sexually abused at NU fraternities — and adding that “we will not stand for this misogynistic, predatory atmosphere” — based on anonymous reports of alleged abuse, without even knowing the names of those allegedly abused? [Update: Or did the police chief say that? See comment of eagle-eyed Greg Piper.]

That’s the question posed by a professor at Northwestern University, Laura Kipnis –perhaps the only sane person on that pathologically liberal campus (whose latest book, Unwanted Advances: Sexual Paranoia Comes to Campus, will be released on April 4; preorder here!) — in a letter posted on the school’s student-run newspaper, the Daily Northwestern. (more…)

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Eric A. Posner

Update (12:05 p.m., E.T.): Responding to a tweet from Ed Whelan, Posner has further articulated his view that Judge Gorsuch has a duty to condemn Trump, here. However, Posner completely ignores Judge Gorsuch’s obligation under Canon 5 of the Code of Conduct for United States Judges not to comment on the political conduct and statements of President  Trump (see below), and Posner also ignores the other points made by this blogger, in tweets published more than an hour before Posner published his post. (more…)

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Daniel Dropik

For ease of reference, here are video and audio messages issued by UW-Madison white-rights-advocate Daniel Dropik (for background, see earlier post), and television news segments which have appeared on Madison television, arranged in chronological order. (more…)

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littlerockUpdate: Welcome, Steve Sailer (The Unz Review) readers! (more…)

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Steve Bannon


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Update (Feb. 1): The ringleader of the Portland anarchists, Micah Rhodes (FB; Twitter) turns out to be an alleged child rapist (h/t Robert Stacy McCain). Rhodes appears several times in this video, starting at 0:56, 1:27, and 2:10. From his FB account, it appears he is (or at least was) a student at Portland State University. He indicates he prefers being called “Jullian” or “Jules,” so let’s call this “Rhodes scholar” something else! More on the sex-abuse charges leveled against Rhodes here and here.

Update 2 (Feb. 7): A grand jury has indicted Rhodes on five counts of sex abuse, according to this report by a local TV station. Fun fact: apparently Rhodes likes boys and girls.

Update 3 (Feb. 17): A reader (Rust Cohle, here) has flagged this additional news video featuring Micah Rhodes.

* * * * *

Even in uber-liberal Portland, Oregon, there is only so much ordinary liberals are willing to take from the leftist degenerates who Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. has accurately termed “anarchists” — who stage wildcat “direct actions” which shut down civil society, in an effort to bend others to their will. (more…)

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Today news broke that the University of Wisconsin — Madison admitted a student: 1) who served nearly five years in prison for burning black churches; and 2) who is currently seeking to form an alt-Right student group devoted to protecting the rights of white students.

This is what liberals like to call a “teachable moment.” Because it turns out that the crisis which liberal UW administrators now face — they’re having a complete “meltdown” as Wisconsin talk-radio host Vicki McKenna has memorably put it — is almost entirely the result of various excesses of liberalism run amok. (more…)

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Update: Welcome, Gateway Pundit (Jim Hoft) readers! (Please share Jim’s Facebook post, and this tweet!) (more…)

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Update 1: Welcome, Gateway Pundit (Jim Hoft) readers! (more…)

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In Wisconsin we affectionately refer to uber-liberal Madison as “77 Square Miles Surrounded By Reality” (less affectionately, as a “Communist community“). Could there possibly be a place on Earth that’s more insulated from reality than Madison?

Actually, yes. (more…)

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Update (Jan. 14): Still more fake news from the Washington Post!

Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit) has this report on the newspaper’s failure to tell the whole story on the resignation of the general in charge of the D.C. National Guard (unsurprisingly, the story it did tell makes President-Elect Donald Trump look bad), and on its further resort to Stalinist memory-holing (rewriting an article to fix mistakes, without noting the changes, or indeed noting that any update was made). (more…)

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Mark Belling, the godfather of Wisconsin conservative talk radio, of Milwaukee’s WISN (News/Talk 1130), broke news of perhaps the most insanely moronic liberal initiative at any American university, ever, in segments of his January 9, 2017, show. (more…)

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Update 1: Welcome, AR15.COM readers! (some excellent, although often quite blunt, comments).

Update 2: Welcome, Gateway Pundit (Jim Hoft) readers! (100s of comments on blog here, and on Facebook here). (more…)

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Numerous leading conservative commentators have addressed the sickening kidnapping and torture in Chicago of a white “special needs” man at the hands of four young black men and women, broadcast live on Facebook.

The aim of this blog post is to assemble, for handy immediate reference, and for historical purposes, the best of the commentary — both video and audio. (more…)

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Mia Karvonides

WELCOME, Instapundit readers! (Check out their many interesting comments — 158 as of 10:45 p.m. Central time — at this link.)

NOTE (Jan. 5): Excellent piece by @GregPiper of @CollegeFix here: “Harvard bureaucrat who couldn’t explain harassment rules will soon enforce Title IX for the feds.”

 * * * * *

College men, meet Mia Karvonides, your new worst nightmare. (more…)

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Aficionados of great journalism will be sad to learn that the formerly esteemed Washington Post — already called the “Washington Compost” by a fast-growing army of detractors — has now stooped so low as to rely on obscure, even shadowy, bloggers such as Badger Pundit to do basic fact-checking of its articles. (more…)

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On Nov. 29, 2016, a public school teacher in Wisconsin (Courtney Hiers) went on Facebook and criticized her own students as “racist” and “intolerant,” and predicated that in class the next day her students would push back against her liberal whitewash of Islam. (more…)

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Late in the evening of Nov. 22, this blog reported on a Nov. 18 call to Vicki McKenna’s Madison (WIBA) afternoon show by a caller who identified himself as Matt. Matt complained that the Marshall, WI, school district had banned his six-year-old son from bringing a “Rush Revere” book to class, on the basis that such material was “inappropriate.”

This blogger reported on the call only after waiting four days, and only after first checking with Vicki to determine that there was no update to the story.  (more…)

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Vicki McKenna & 2 random WI dudes

Update 1: Welcome, Gateway Pundit (Jim Hoft) readers!

Update 2: Welcome, Rush Limbaugh fans! (Transcript here; Rush’s FB post & his fans’ comments here; video to be added later.) [11/26 update: video w/ Rush excerpts, and much more, here, and embedded below.] Thanks to both Rush and Bo Snerdley for the shout out!


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In an interview yesterday by Laura Ingraham (h/t Don Surber), former federal prosecutor Joseph diGenova predicted that because of the e-mail scandal which has enveloped her, Hillary Clinton is “not going to be able to complete her campaign,” because either:

(1) the Department of Justice will charge Hillary with a crime; or

(2) the Attorney General will refuse to charge Hillary, triggering a massive revolt by officials at the FBI, and in the military and intelligence communities, and a scandal on par with the Watergate coverup. (more…)

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Happy New Year! Similar to the final post on this blog last year, and in what may become an annual tradition, here’s a collection of the best renditions of “Auld Lang Syne” uploaded on YouTube during the past week. (Click here for eight things you ought to know about the song.) (more…)

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On Dec. 4, 2015, the Packers’ offensive line gave Aaron Rodgers the time he needed to make history. (more…)

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Contrary to what the liberal media claim, Donald Trump never mocked anyone for being disabled. But liberal icon John Lennon did. Here’s the proof.

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Thanks to Blake Neff of the Daily Caller, the world knows the name of “Shrieking Girl” — the Yale student caught on video on Nov. 5 screaming profanities at the professor in charge of her college (Silliman College) for his refusal to apologize for failing to protect her from offensive Halloween costumes. Her name is Jerelyn Luther. (more…)

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Glenn Reynolds -- Blogfather cropped

Prof. Glenn Reynolds, aka “Instapundit”

Rush Limbaugh gave a shout-out to Glenn Reynolds yesterday, praising his most recent USA Today column, which asks whether college students are too spoiled and immature to vote, so that perhaps we should raise the voting age to 25. here’s a clip (transcript below):

Transcript (copied from Rush’s site):

RUSH: Glenn Reynolds is a law professor at the University of Tennessee. He writes a column at USA Today, and he’s got a piece today which basically says — based on what we’re learning here — that if these college students are too spoiled to even tolerate debate, why in the world do we let them vote? How in the world can people who are afraid to hear anything they disagree with? I mean, literally afraid! How can we let ’em vote? How can students too spoiled, too childlike, too narcissistic, too unwilling to tolerate opposing points of view…?

How can we let them vote? How can they even assess opposing political arguments? How can they determine what they agree or disagree with? They can’t. So raise the voting age to 25. He said, “This isn’t the behavior of people who are capable of weighing opposing ideas, or of changing their minds when they are confronted with evidence that suggests that they are wrong. It’s the behavior of spoiled children — a characterization that . . . underscores . . . they are too young to be responsible for their actions. And spoiled children shouldn’t vote.”

That’s an interesting proposition. It’d never happen. But I like the point that it makes.

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Charlie Sykes

Charlie Sykes

Charlie Sykes (FB, Twitter), one of Wisconsin’s most influential conservative journalists (founder of Right Wisconsin) featured a segment on Wisconsin state legislator Rep. Christine Sinicki (D — Milwaukee) in his Oct. 21 talk-radio show (on Milwaukee’s WTMJ).

Charlie’s analysis of Rep. Sinicki’s performance a day earlier on the floor of the Assembly, during debate over revisions to the “John Doe” criminal investigative procedures, provides a bracing reminder of just how low the standards are for election to office in liberal-dominated Milwaukee. (Matt Kittle apparently was the first journalist to mention Sinicki’s performance, in this Oct. 20 post summarizing the “John Doe” debate). (more…)

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Related: Grad student (and vet) threatened with discipline for calling out fake Marine

Related: CRAZY NUTBAG?: College president persecuting vet for calling out fake Marine invaded dog owner’s home to scream at her about dog

Mark Belling of Milwaukee’s News/Talk 1130 WISN, who brought this story to wide public attention through his Oct. 12 broadcast, updated listeners on the story in his Oct. 14 broadcast.

In his concluding remarks, he did not mince words, opining that George Williams College’s response to the “Stolen Valor” incident has been “pathetic,” and that the college looks “ridiculous.”

Here is a 12-minute clip of Mark’s remarks, which those following this story closely will want to watch in full:

For those who want just the gist of Mark’s take on the matter, here’s a short version, with only the last two minutes of the longer video:

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Related: Grad student (and vet) threatened with discipline for calling out fake Marine

Related: MARK BELLING: Response of George Williams College to “Stolen Valor” incident is pathetic!

Welcome, College Fix readers!


Rebecca Sherrick, President

Dr. Rebecca L. Sherrick is the college president who, as covered in detail in this blogger’s Oct. 13 post, holds in her hands the fate of Ryan Lonergan. (more…)

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Welcome, One Marine’s View readers!

Welcome, The College Fix readers!

Welcome, This Ain’t Hell readers!

Welcome, Rare readers!

(Guardians of Valor article) (associated FB posts, with many great comments, here and here)

(Popular Military article)

(Blaze article — don’t miss the comments section!)

(Sit Rep article)

(Followup article in College Fix)

(AWESOME Army Times article)


Ryan Lonergan

Meet Ryan Lonergan, whose eight years of military service included a deployment in Iraq in 2009-10.


Ryan’s service to our country, and to his brothers in arms, is not yet done. Ryan has long been involved in helping veterans, and to that end he is currently pursuing a master’s degree in social work at George Williams College in Williams Bay, WI (an affiliate of Aurora University in Aurora, IL).

On Tuesday, October 6, Ryan publicly called out (in the school lunchroom) a fellow student who had falsely claimed (in elaborate detail) to having been a Marine infantry officer but who, when confronted by Ryan, confessed he’d made up the whole story.

The next day, the school initiated a disciplinary process — not against the student who’d falsely claimed to be a veteran, but against Ryan. (more…)

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Robert Morrow

Robert Morrow

Princeton grad and conservative writer Robert Morrow (@RobMorrowLiberty) — whose work triggers obsessive hatred among progressives — has a new book out (co-authored with Roger Stone): The Clintons’ War on Women.

It doesn’t hit bookstores until tomorrow, but if one were to judge a book by its cover, it doesn’t seem that Bill and Hillary Clinton will much like it: (more…)

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Welcome, College Fix readers!

Welcome, National Review readers!

Welcome, Total Frat Move readers! (Nice to have a post linked by BOTH National Review and Total Frat Move — on #BacktotheFutureDay, to boot!)

Welcome, Cultural Ambassadors of Clemson University readers!

Welcome, Jacob Covella readers!

Update (10/18): On Oct. 15, Clemson’s student-run newspaper, The Tiger News, published “Fiesta Fiasco,” an article by Matthew Stapleton (a sophomore majoring in English), identifying Mitzi Gamez as the author of a tweet attacking Clemson’s “Maximum Mexican” food event as mocking Mexican culture — four days after Badger Pundit outed Ms. Gamez as the author (in this post).


Matthew Stapleton

Mr. Stapleton perhaps deserves an award for “Least Astute Journalist” in America, because his article totally missed the real story here — the evidence discussed in this post that: (1) the outrage by Ms. Gamez was totally fake (as on two prior occasions she has supported the use of sombreros in Mexican-themed events); and (2) the outrage was totally hypocritical, as Ms. Gamez herself has routinely mocked people based on their race, gender, and sexual orientation, on multiple occasions.The simplest research by Mr. Stapleton would have turned up this evidence, given that the below blog post turns up in the top 10 results of a Google search for “Mitzi Gamez“!

Update 2 (10/22, 10 p.m.): This post, and the embedded video, finally went viral in the past day (video views exploded tenfold, from less to 300 to now over 3,400), following Katherine Timpf’s National Review post and Total Frat Move‘s post. Shortly after this story’s focus on Mitzi Gamez went viral nationally, an organization at Clemson — Cultural Ambassadors of Clemson University — yesterday announced (linking to the video) that “because of the reactions people had” to Maximum Mexican Night ” across the country,” the organization “is going to host an impromptu panel/dialogue called Fiesta Fiasco Panel,” apparently in the next two weeks.


EXCLUSIVE — Please credit Badger Pundit

On the morning of October 9, Peter Hasson of Campus Reform broke the story of a student at Clemson University who had successfully bullied Clemson into apologizing for serving Mexican food (with servers wearing sombreros) by tweeting: “Our culture isn’t a costume and we will not be mocked!”

(This is apparently part of the “We’re a culture not a costume” campaign by radical activists who ostensibly believe that those “who choose culturally stereotypical costumes are unknowingly mocking other cultures.”)

The Clemson student wasn’t identified in the Campus Reform article. Shortly after the article appeared, the student deleted the tweet. (more…)

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Jude Legiste

Jude Legiste

On Monday morning, October 5, conservative talk-radio host Vicki McKenna of Milwaukee’s News/Talk 1130 WISN was the first to break the news (several hours before the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal published an article touching on it) that Jude Legiste, the 26-year-old dorm director at U. Wisconsin — La Crosse who sent the infamous “orgasm e-mail” to all the dorm residents under his charge, wrote in a blog post that he likes dating undergraduate women. (more…)

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3 -- o8


PREDATOR?: College dorm director who sent orgasm e-mail likes dating students.

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Meet Chris Harper Mercer, the Oregon community college shooter who methodically killed at least ten fellow students after they identified themselves as Christian.

Why did he do it? It seems, at least in part, it’s because — like many on the Left — he hated organized religion. (more…)

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On September 1, 2015, the godfather of Wisconsin conservative talk radio, Mark Belling of Milwaukee’s News/Talk 1130 WISN, broke a fascinating story, based on a tip from a listener, about a weather-emergency PSA currently running in local movie theaters containing a brief, but unmistakable, reference to Satan.

The 30-second PSA, which depicts a man receiving a tornado alert on his smartphone, shows this image briefly flashing on the man’s smartphone:

Lucifer phone2


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Alderman Bobby Pantuso

Meet Bobby Pantuso (LinkedIn; Twitter) an alderman in Wawatosa, Wisconsin (a Milwaukee suburb). (more…)

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One of the most colorful, and notorious, leaders of the Left’s war on sanity waged in Wisconsin since 2011 has been Jeremy Ryan, a/k/a “Segway Boy,” (more…)

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Benjamin Hart

Benjamin Hart


Some on the left have decried the violent riots in Ferguson and, more recently, in Baltimore. Others, not so much.

Meet Benjamin Hart, an educator and radical activist (to be specific, “a multiethnic, mixed-class, queer man who is dedicated to radical education, Black feminism and community-committed activism”) who for several years has opined on a wide variety of topics on his eponymous blog, Radical Faggot. (more…)

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One evening in March 2011, Wisconsin state representative Corey Mason (D – Racine) gained national fame (via Breitbart.com) as “Wisconsin’s Benedict Arnold,” for his role in opening the locked doors of the state Capitol Building, allowing thousands of protesters angry about Gov. Scott Walker’s budget reforms to illegally occupy it.

Never again — one would think — would a Wisconsin public official dare risk such opprobrium by lawlessly letting an angry mob into a locked government building. But one would think wrong. History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce, progressive hero Karl Marx once observed. Elements of both tragedy and farce mark this newest betrayal of public trust in Wisconsin.  (more…)

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Today the New York Times published an editorial attacking Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for what he candidly admitted was a drafting error (in his budget proposal) regarding the mission statement for the University of Wisconsin.

The editorial board ought to go a bit easier on the Governor, because it should recognize that even intelligent, reasonably careful people can occasionally commit drafting errors. Witness, for example, the New York Times editorial attacking the Governor, which in its original form repeatedly referred to Scott Walker as “Mr. Scott” (screenshot preserved by @LoganDobson):

Mr Scott

Of course, the New York Times quickly updated its website with a correction noting the error, right?

Wrong. Being a liberal journalist means never having to say you’re sorry — indeed, never having to even acknowledge you’ve made an error.

Unlike Governor Walker, who candidly acknowledged a drafting error made in the preparation of his budget proposal, the New York Times simply corrected its error and pretended it never happened, consigning it to the memory hole.

Fortunately this did not escape the notice of prominent Wisconsin pollster and Marquette University Law School professor Charles Franklin, who tweeted this before-and-after screencap:


Hopefully the New York Times will some day stop memory-holing embarrassing errors, and match Governor Walker’s candor in acknowledging errors.

UPDATE (10:55 p.m.):  Comment on Gov. Scott Walker’s “Eureka! moment.”

UPDATE 2 (Feb. 7, 12:30 p.m.): Here is a scan of the hard copy of the finished editorial, published this a.m. (no mention in the hard copy, or online, of the “Mr. Scott” error in the editorial as initially published online):

Feb 7 NYT Walker editorial

UPDATE 3 (Feb. 7, 9 p.m.): And here’s a video answering the NYT’s attack on “Mr. Scott”:

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Happy New Year! For anyone (else) reading blogs on New Year’s Eve, here’s a collection of the best renditions of “Auld Lang Syne” uploaded today on YouTube. (Click here for eight things you ought to know about the song.) (more…)

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At 3 p.m. on Sept. 5, Wisconsin conservative talk-radio pioneer Mark Belling (who regularly guest hosts for Rush Limbaugh), of Milwaukee’s Talk/Radio 1030 WISN, was the first to break the news of something apparently never known to have previously occurred in the annals of street racing.

A group of street racers was bodacious enough to privately commandeer an urban interstate highway (by blocking off entrance traffic) to stage a 150-mph drag race — and then they posted the evidence (an elaborately produced video) on YouTube! (more…)

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Blake Peuse, harmless


Melissa Horn, guiltless

Superintendent Blake Peuse and Principal Melissa Horn and other Wisconsin school bureaucrats have been bullying an 11-year-old-boy, Matthew, and his parents, by criticizing him for having a tiny picture of a gun on an American flag as his avatar while using his computer at home; by declining to return messages left by his parents, who were worried that Matthew would be expelled from his virtual school due to his use of the avatar; and by announcing they plan to create a new policy specifically designed to ban Matthew (and others) from using an avatar reflecting a belief in the constitutional right to bear arms.

Until recently, Peuse and Horn declined all public comment on the matter. They even refused to return calls from prominent media outlets (in particular, calls from Zach Noble at The Blaze). But facing what they apparently perceive as a barrage of media abuse, somehow they found time to break away from their recreational pursuits and address the matter publicly. (more…)

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Sara Conrad

Sarah Conrad is a Wisconsin conservative who last week memorably sampled the wide variety of scary pictures of guns liberals will need to target (pun intended) as they craft a policy to ban virtual guns in virtual schools. (more…)

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UPDATE 10: Readers interested in how Matthew’s parents — Pam and Brian Schoenecker — see the situation should read the recent posts and comments on Pam’s Facebook page, here.

UPDATE 11: For a video summarizing this story in less than four minutes, illustrated with scary pictures of guns liberals will need to ban, click here, or read the Sept. 3 followup post.  And please RT this tweet on  the four-minute video. The 16-minute video already has 4,500+ views in just two days (as of Sept. 4, 2 p.m.); this very short version should be even more effective in acquainting folks to the gist of the story.

UPDATE 12: It appears the school bureaucrats behind this fiasco are now pursuing a blame-the-victim strategy. Early in the morning on Sept. 4, Vicki McKenna posted on her Facebook page (here) and on her Twitter account (here) an image of a letter sent by the principal and superintendent to all parents of Matthew’s virtual school addressing (rather obliquely) the current controversy. In addition to stating that no one had actually been suspended or threatened with suspension (which Matthew’s parents already knew, and Vicki had reported (here), based on the discussion between Matthew’s mom and the superintendent), the letter appears to place blame on Matthew for supposedly not making “good choices” (para. 2). It also appears to place blame on Matthew’s parents for supposedly not having reached out to school personnel “for clarification” prior to contacting the media (para. 3). In fact, as Vicki discussed on her Aug. 29 afternoon show (30 seconds starting here, and 15 seconds starting here), the parents went to the media only after their efforts to seek clarification from the school went with no response! This blame-the-victims letter, and Vicki’s comments on it on her show(s), will likely be featured in a separate post. [Update: that post is here.]

xx -- Melissa_Horn

Melissa A. Horn

Meet Melissa A. Horn. She’s the 40-year-old Wisconsin school principal who’s currently bullying an 11-year-old boy over a tiny picture of a gun and an American flag on the computer he uses only at home. (more…)

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Rep. Paul Ryan, Aug. 28

On August 28, Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin guest hosted Sean Hannity’s radio show, as part of his book tour promoting his latest book. (more…)

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Just in time for Labor Day, two top Wisconsin drinking experts (and really, doesn’t Wisconsin have the nation’s leading experts in this area?) have come forward with life-changing advice, courtesy of TV stations in Milwaukee and Green Bay. (more…)

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4 -- thug 2

Michael Brown, 1996-2014

Victor Davis Hanson offered a refreshingly candid appraisal today of the content of the character of Michael Brown, along with a concise summary of how Brown’s death was the direct result of his unlawful, and foolish, actions — a useful counterpoint to the mass-media coverage which has focused more on the color of his skin, and on his family’s loss. (more…)

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aug 15 drudge report

Here’s a video clip of Rush Limbaugh (running 6:42) from his August 22 show, in which he summarizes how the new media prevented CNN and other mass-media outlets from perpetuating the myth of Michael Brown being a “Gentle Giant” who, while walking in the street, was supposedly shot in the back for no good reason by a racist white cop.

This post was inspired by yesterday’s post by Tony Lee (@TheTonyLee) on Breitbart.com. Above image from Drudge Report, Aug. 15, 9:15 a.m.

Transcript: (more…)

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In his August 19 program, Wisconsin conservative talk-radio pioneer Mark Belling (who regularly guest hosts for Rush Limbaugh) of Milwaukee’s Talk/Radio 1030 WISN, condemned as “morally indefensible” the “lynch-mob attitude” of many in the mass media, and many others, toward Darren Wilson, the white Ferguson, Missouri, police officer who on August 9 killed a black teenager, Michael Brown.

A six-minute clip of Belling’s remarks (culled, in chronological order, from about 30 minutes of discussion between 3:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.) appears below. A twelve-minute extended version, providing more context (which is highly recommended for those closely following events in Ferguson), is available here. (Note: Belling had nothing to do with the images and video added to the clips to illustrate Belling’s discussion.)

Here is a brief summary (a full transcript appears below the video). (more…)

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It’s magical when people with dramatically different backgrounds can find common ground on controversial stories, especially those involving race, but that is exactly what has occurred today. (more…)

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Move over, John Spiegelhoff, the Wisconsin public-employee union boss who in 2011-12 used his union e-mail account to send dozens of threatening and harassing e-mails to state Senator Pam Galloway in retaliation for her voting for Gov. Scott Walker’s budget reforms. (more…)

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An earlier post on this blog addressed the liberal print media’s egregious reporting on the recently unveiled, but stale, partisan allegations against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker — which have already been found meritless by the state and federal courts — to the effect that Gov. Walker is some sort of criminal mastermind.

But one must turn to the broadcast media — specifically, MSNBC — to fully appreciate the vast distance between reality and imagination in the liberal media’s coverage of this non-story, which must be attributed to bad faith, or incompetence, or maybe a bit of both. (more…)

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Gov. Scott Walker, criminal mastermind?

Shortly before attending a dairy promotion fundraiser to serve breakfast, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker flagged today on his Twitter feed “a must-read editorial” in the Wall Street Journal.

It truly is a must-read item — not just for those interested in Gov. Walker, but for those concerned about the depths to which the liberal media elite are willing to sink to unfairly target conservatives who threaten to disrupt their big-government agenda. (more…)

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Yesterday liberal journalists flooded the zone with allegations, contained in old but recently unveiled court filings, that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is some sort of criminal mastermind.

Wisconsin’s Walker implicated in ‘criminal scheme,'” blarred MSNBC –“the sort of news that puts his career in jeopardy.” “Prosecutors: Gov. Walker part of criminal scheme,” reported the Washington Post, citing “previously secret court documents released Thursday.” The Huffington Post emphasized allegations that “Walker was at the center of a nationwide ‘criminal scheme’ to illegally coordinate with outside conservative groups.” Similarly, NBC focused on allegations that Walker “was part of a ‘wide-ranging scheme’ that illegally coordinated fundraising . . . .”

Google “Scott  Walker criminal” for other examples. (more…)

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On June 13, Rep. Raúl R. Labrador (R-Idaho) announced his long-shot candidacy to serve as House Majority Leader. Backed by a “rebel alliance,” he is challenging establishment candidate Kevin McCarthy (R-Cal.), the current Majority Whip. The vote will be held on June 19.

Rep. Labrador has been interviewed by “media heavy hitters” on radio and TV (as noted on Labrador’s Twitter feed). In addition to their importance to the current House leadership race, the interviews help illuminate the current state of tension between the newer, more conservative Republican representatives and the generally less conservative entrenched Republican leadership.

For the convenience of readers, the principal interviews are embedded below. (more…)

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During his June 9 radio program, Rush Limbaugh talked at length about the rapidly approaching 2016 presidential race, and the need for Republicans to unite around a conservative of real substance, which Rush sees as the key to defeating the powerful spin machine operated by the Democrats and their multitudinous media allies.

As Rush explained, it was Ronald Reagan’s focus on real substance that enabled him to defeat similar forces, and win and govern so successfully, during the 1980s.

Rush has frequently commented favorably on Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Now, he has explicitly singled out Walker as Reagan’s true heir:  a conservative leader who, by focusing on substance and reality (not spin and buzz), and by pursuing bold reforms to achieve actual results benefiting the average citizen, has beaten back every attempt by liberals to destroy him — supplying the blueprint for success for the Republican Party.

A clip with the key highlights is embedded below. (The uncut video is posted here.) A transcript (mostly lifted from Rush’s website, here and here) follows the video.

H/t to Ann Althouse (via Instapundit), for calling attention to Rush’s latest praise of Governor Walker.


RUSH:  I don’t think that the public is being given good choices. The Democrats are gonna nominate whoever they’re gonna nominate.  And they’re gonna be hopelessly leftist. They’re gonna be right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook.  * * *

And if the Republican Party establishment has no interest in finding or nurturing another conservative leader — which is the only way they’re going to really win and have a mandate and revive the country — if they’re not going to do that, then we’re going to continue to have talks and discussions like this for the rest of our lives!  And the subhead of a conversation that we’re having now could be called:  “What If?” And the Republicans are going to continue to be the “What If?” party if they continue to try to destroy every conservative that has a chance of winning in the primaries, which is what they’re setting up to do again! (more…)

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Dr. Charles A. Murray

Dr. Charles A. Murray

Charles A. Murray, Ph.D., the well-known and influential libertarian political scientist — currently a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute — made an appearance at Harvard on March 13.

In a program moderated by William Kristol, he discussed and then took audience questions concerning his 2013 book, Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010.

(Another book by the prolific Dr. Murray comes out next month — although at least one member of the blogging elite already has a copy.)

For those not already familiar with Coming Apart, here are some worthwhile reviews of it:  New York Times, American Spectator, Wall St. JournalN.Y. Review of Books, Washington Times, and New Yorker.

A full video of this terrific event (running 68 minutes) is available on Harvard’s website.

The following 11 videos gather highlights, broken out by topic, to facilitate browsing. To watch all the videos in chronological order, or browse using the playlist menu, click here.


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T. Beckett Adams

T. Becket Adams

By day, T. Becket Adams (@BecketAdams) is a mega-star in the conservative blogosphere, as a D.C.-based editor at The Blaze.

By night, when he’s not catching up on his favorite TV shows (currently True Detective), Adams transforms himself into the “Lonely Drinker,” inhabiting bars and (perhaps auditioning for a position with TMZ or BuzzFeed) tweeting wry observations about other bar patrons — and uploading the occasional selfie.

Here are some excerpts from tonight (for the full timeline, click here).

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On March 10, 2014, liberals suddenly discovered that the word “bossy” is part of the “War on Women.”

Inconveniently, that’s what the President calls the First Lady.

And it’s on video.


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Vicki McKenna

Madison-based conservative talk-radio host Vicki McKenna, who broke the Debbie Hosking story on January 24, during her January 28 show addressed the broader lesson of the story regarding the tactics conservatives should use to redress the malignant leftism which is entrenched in much of the public educational system.

Her bottom line? Because more gentle measures have failed to stem continuing abuses, it’s time to “name names”: parents and students should work to publicly identify the worst offenders, by notifying conservative news outlets which can help expose the misconduct, and thus simultaneously build pressure for reforms and help deter future abuses. (more…)

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That’s the new take on the Debbie Hosking story emphasized by a leading Wisconsin conservative talk-radio host, Charlie Sykes, during his January 27 & 28 programs on Milwaukee’s WTMJ.

Charlie Sykes

Charlie Sykes


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Hatred of Gov. Scott Walker runs deep among Wisconsin “progressives,” particularly those in public education who are upset over his initiatives cutting their union perks and increasing the amount of taxpayer dollars spent to actually benefit students.

Still, one would hope that even progressives afflicted by “Walker Derangement Syndrome” — who, for example, argue that Walker is “worse than Jeffrey Dalmer!” — would honor the rule that children in a politician’s family are off limits, no matter how hated the politician.

But one would be wrong, at least regarding Wisconsin’s most attention-seeking, but least intellectually able, progressives — to coin a phrase, “Special Needs” Progressives.


Debbie Hosking

Meet Debbie Hosking (full name, Deborah L. Hosking), a Madison-area leftist who not only signed the petition seeking to recall Gov. Walker, but volunteered as a circulator to collect signatures from others.

While perusing Gov. Walker’s Facebook page, recently Hosking came across a photo of the Governor’s young nieces taken in his office after his “State of the State” address (posing with his sons; full photo here): Walker_nieces Following more than 200 overwhelmingly positive comments under this post, at about 10 p.m. on January 23, Hosking made a now-infamous comment: “Who are these inbred dumbasses?(more…)

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[WELCOME Power Line (Scott Johnson) readers!]

Update 1:  As of Aug. 28, 11:30 a.m. (Eastern time), 95% of those surveyed say Jim Letten is a more insane hobbit hater than Gollum.

* * * * * 

All good people love hobbits.  As W. H. Auden observed in 1954, they are heroes who saved the day for the Dwarves in The Hobbit, and who fought to prevent evil from dominating the world in the Lord of the Rings.

They are also real-world heroes who, in 2013, are working to speak truth to power through citizen journalism which probes corruption and criminality in politics ignored by the mainstream media.  James O’Keefe (author of a New York Times bestselling book, Breakthrough) and his fellow citizen journalists with Project Veritas are likewise beloved by all good people, and for that reason are sometimes likened to hobbits.

Who hates hobbits?  Almost no one.  Only those who are evil and insane could possibly hate hobbits.  In fact, only two characters have ever been caught on film engaging in hate speech against hobbits. Both are clearly deranged, making it difficult to resolve who is the most insane hobbit hater.  Please help resolve this matter by watching these short videos of the two hobbit haters, and voting below. (more…)

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Dad29,” a Milwaukee-area conservative blogger with an eclectic range of interests, reacting to a recent post on this blog, makes an intriguing point about the career path of a fictional U.S. president — Tom Clancy character Jack Ryan — and the current, real U.S. president, Barack Obama.

You decide:  which career path is stranger — that of Jack Ryan, or that of Barack Obama? (more…)

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[WELCOME Althouse, Wonkette, and Forward Lookout readers!]

Yesterday Glenn Reynolds hypothesized that, just like a woman in a swimsuit, a man in a Speedo won’t “get taken very seriously.”  But those who follow Wisconsin politics know there’s no need to hypothesize about such a thing — and that Glenn Reynolds is incorrect.


Meet Wisconsin legislator Brett Hulsey, who represents 78,000 lucky residents of Wisconsin’s 78th Assembly District (which covers much of west Madison). (more…)

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Last week, previously unknown radical feminist Sarah Alcid of the leftist Reproductive Health Technologies Project (an organization so secretive it declines to identify its supporters) came to wide public attention for her ill-considered Twitter attack on a well-established conservative journalist, Robert Stacy McCain — and her subsequent claim, and those of her friends, that by writing about her in response, McCain was “stalking” and “harassing” her.

Even more interesting than the attack by Ms. Alcid and her friends on McCain is the moniker they collectively employ.  Given their feminist orientation and interest in abortion, they proudly call themselves “#AbortionBitches.”


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Thomas Donnelly of the American Enterprise Institute has an opinion piece in today’s Wall Street Journal on one of the newer “progressive” plans  to classify wide swaths of the American population as “victims” in need of expensive treatments funded by taxpayer dollars which flow to the progressives’ allies in the medical and counselling industries — just another aspect of a general scheme that might be termed the “victimology industry.” (more…)

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Meet Richard Saks, a prominent labor-union and plaintiffs-side employment attorney in Milwaukee who is a long-time partner at Hawks Quindel, one of Wisconsin’s top firms specializing in this area. But lest you conclude he’s all work and no play, consider this article in the August 13 Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: (more…)

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Nate Barrett of Fox 55 News (Wausau, Wisconsin), has the scoop.

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FUR FREE METRO ADS UPDATED 17-11 (77"X90" @25%):Layout 1

Meet Oprah Winfrey, an anti-hamburgerpro-vegan, animal-rights activist so passionate about the welfare of animals that PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) honored her in 2008 as its Person of the Year.

But Oprah’s got a dark side.  Secretly she yearns to own fashion accessories made out of the skins of animals that suffer cruel, lingering deaths purely to enable some people to gain status over others. (more…)

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[WELCOME!, readers of The Other McCain.]


Sara Alcid

Radical feminist Sara Alcid, who virtually no one had ever heard of until Robert Stacy McCain wrote about her today (here), has taken to Twitter to complain that she has been victimized by a conservative writing an “entire article” on her. (more…)

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Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin

For at least a century, Charles Darwin has been a hero of the “progressive” moment for his landmark work on the evolution of species, which simultaneously enabled progressives to defend their atheism and to bolster their racist beliefs and eugenics program.

So it is interesting to see what happens when progressives run up against a basic principle of Darwin’s work in the course of practicing their favorite religion — environmentalism. (more…)

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