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UPDATE (7/18): On July 16 Legal Insurrection published a detailed post on McKenzie, focusing on Benjamin Boyce’s interview of her (and kindly mentioning this blog), here. (Please RT this to help it go viral).

Tucker Carlson discussed McKenzie on his July 17 show, here:

On July 18 John Sexton published an excellent post on her, on Hot Air, here (please RT this).

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BACKGROUND: Here is this blogger’s June 12 video on the 3-minute statement of McKenzie Kyger to the Board of Trustees of Evergreen State College, which has gone viral (105,000+ views):


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The once-great Washington Post, long plagued with credibility problems conceded by its own ombudsmen in 2011, was caught last year publishing fake news, and more recently was caught actually creating fake news.

Now WaPo has fallen even further. It is being reviled for what some are suggesting is “child abuse,” with its June 29 release of this video of children — members of the “Washington Post Kids Chorus” — singing lines it scripted for them, as part of its partisan political attack on President Trump. (more…)

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