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This morning an especially stupid and intellectually odious liberal blogger named Matthew Yglesias — a member of the overlord “ruling class” simultaneously so narcissistic that he fancies himself as writing not for us, but for future historians, but so obtuse that he compares people who disagree with him to Hitler — published this tweet mocking average Americans for their support of President Trump:

May 29 Matthew Yglesias tweet

Which led Chris Arnade (FB, Twitter, Medium, Flickr, Tumblr), who is far more knowledgeable than Yglesias about the reality of the lives of average Americans (though he holds a Ph.D and has enjoyed far more financial success than Yglesias, he’s still the one you’d rather have a beer with), to write a dozen tweets.

Arnade self portrait

Chris Arnade

Arnade’s tweet storm is set forth below for easy reading. These tweets, and Arnade’s more detailed essays and photographs documenting everyday life in America, are much more likely to be of interest to future historians than anything Yglesias ever has written. or ever will write. (more…)

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Clarke People's Sheriff

On Wednesday, May 17, the Sheriff of Milwaukee County, David A. Clarke Jr., announced he will be resigning in the near future to join the Trump Administration. Sheriff Clarke will be filling “a senior role at the Department of Homeland Security” (DHS), in charge of coordinating the Department’s interaction with thousands of state, local, tribal, and territorial law-enforcement agencies. (more…)

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Dan O'Donnell

Dan O’Donnell

On May 11, Dan O’Donnell of Milwaukee’s WISN — the rising star of Wisconsin conservative talk radio, who has won the prestigious national Edward R. Murrow award for broadcast journalism not just once, but twice — executed the ultimate takedown of university bureaucrats who coddle stressed-out students by supplying them with a panoply of relaxation techniques for coping with the stress of final exams. (If you like this post, retweet this.) (more…)

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Mark Belling

Mark Belling

On May 2 the godfather of Wisconsin conservative talk radio, Mark Belling (who regularly guest hosts for Rush Limbaugh) of Milwaukee’s WISN, broke news about the nine liberals on the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission Board (led by Steven M. DeVougas, Chair, and MaryNell Regan, Executive Director), who had unanimously voted to devalue U.S. military service, by drastically reducing the preference accorded veterans in the hiring process for police and firefighters.  (more…)

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Professor John McAdams

John McAdams, the esteemed political science professor at once-esteemed Marquette University, had a setback in court yesterday in the lawsuit he brought against Marquette for stripping him of his tenure, suspending him, and ordering him to write an apology, for writing a blog post in which he criticized an instructor in another department for her bullying of a student in his department.

Yesterday a state-court trial judge dismissed the lawsuit. The lead attorney for Professor McAdams is Rick Esenberg of the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL). A radio interview he granted yesterday is embedded below. (more…)

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