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Update 1 (3 p.m.): This blog post, and Mark Belling’s interview of WI Attorney General Brad Schimel, have gone viral thanks to tweets by James O’Keefe:

Update 2 (3:15 p.m.): Patrick Marley of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has published a followup article referencing the Belling-Schimel interview (and this blog post): “Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel contradicts office, says voter fraud probe is open.” Anyone following this story should read the whole thing. [further, 4 p.m., update — link to article has been tweeted by O’Keefe and Project Veritas.]

Update 3 (4 p.m.): Patrick Marley now has another amazing scoop: just hours before Wisconsin AG Brad Schimel told Mark Belling that the investigation into vote fraud was OPEN, Schimel told the Wisconsin Radio Network that the investigation was CLOSED!:

In breaking this story on Twitter, Marley linked to audio of the interview (article and audio are here) and posted this transcript of Schimel’s remarks.

In a recent tweet, O’Keefe notes the conflicting stories over whether or not the investigation is over, and asks: “Which is true?” Good question.

Update 4 (4:45 p.m.)Patrick Marley has now updated his followup article (originally posted at 2:55 p.m. today). He now notes in the first paragraph that Schimel’s comments on Belling’s show contradicted “comments he made hours earlier that the probe had been closed.” Paragraphs 10-13 compare Schimel’s statement that Project Veritas was spreading “fake news” (an accusation to which O’Keefe did not react kindly) by complaining that the investigation was closed, with Schimel’s statement hours earlier that the investigation was closed:

“I appreciate the work that groups like Project Veritas do to expose corruption and criminal conspiracies, but the war of words that has sparked up in the last 24 hours is incited by fake news, Mark,” Schimel said.

But hours earlier, Schimel described the investigation as closed in his interview with the Wisconsin Radio Network.

“We didn’t seek to shame anyone but when we do an investigation, that is after we close it, it is a public record and therefore when members of the media wanted to see the results of the investigation they were able to get their hands on that,” he said.

“We did take it seriously and looked at this to see whether there was something we could pursue and just concluded that there’s not anything that provided itself as a viable investigatory lead.”

Update 5 (7:30 p.m.):

Ernst-Ulrich Franzen

Ernst-Ulrich Franzen

Surveying today’s wreckage at the Wisconsin Department of Justice, in an op-ed posted this evening, Ernst-Ulrich Franzen, the Sentinel Journal‘s associate editorial page editor, asks: “What game is Schimel playing?

Update 6 (Apr. 29, 9 p.m.): Here’s a video splicing together the contradictory statements made by Attorney General Brad Schimel in his two separate radio interviews of April 27 (if you think others would find it informative, please RT this):

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James O’Keefe III

Conservative journalist James O’Keefe was not pleased when he read this April 25 article by Patrick Marley of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, reporting that the Wisconsin Department of Justice had concluded that O’Keefe’s Project Veritas sting operation last year into rigging of Wisconsin elections by leftists, documented by undercover videos, showed no violation of Wisconsin laws, and that the investigation had come to an end. (more…)

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Today a prominent San Francisco conservative attorney, Harmeet Dhillon (who has been mentioned for a top DOJ position) filed a lawsuit against UC-Berkeley regarding its resistance to scheduling an appearance by Ann Coulter (Washington Post overview here; Gateway Pundit (Jim Hoft) analysis here.)

Late this afternoon, Breitbart.com broke news of the press conference Ms. Dhillon held today, in which she provided an overview of the litigation, and gave detailed answers to various questions posed by journalists. See this overview by Lucas Nolan (including link to CBS video) and commentary by Joel Pollak (focusing on the ACLU’s failure to assist with the litigation).

For the convenience of readers, the video of the press conference has been divided into 11 segments, with the complete playlist viewable here. Each video is also embedded below. (more…)

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Update: Welcome, College Fix readers!



Meet Esmeralda Tovar (a 2014 graduate of the top-notch Milwaukee public school system), another example of a college student of Mexican heritage who is offended — or at least who claims to be offended — by a seemingly trivial example of supposed cultural insensitivity. (more…)

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