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Late in the evening of Nov. 22, this blog reported on a Nov. 18 call to Vicki McKenna’s Madison (WIBA) afternoon show by a caller who identified himself as Matt. Matt complained that the Marshall, WI, school district had banned his six-year-old son from bringing a “Rush Revere” book to class, on the basis that such material was “inappropriate.”

This blogger reported on the call only after waiting four days, and only after first checking with Vicki to determine that there was no update to the story.  (more…)

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Vicki McKenna & 2 random WI dudes

Update 1: Welcome, Gateway Pundit (Jim Hoft) readers!

Update 2: Welcome, Rush Limbaugh fans! (Transcript here; Rush’s FB post & his fans’ comments here; video to be added later.) [11/26 update: video w/ Rush excerpts, and much more, here, and embedded below.] Thanks to both Rush and Bo Snerdley for the shout out!


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