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Charlie Sykes

Charlie Sykes

Charlie Sykes (FB, Twitter), one of Wisconsin’s most influential conservative journalists (founder of Right Wisconsin) featured a segment on Wisconsin state legislator Rep. Christine Sinicki (D — Milwaukee) in his Oct. 21 talk-radio show (on Milwaukee’s WTMJ).

Charlie’s analysis of Rep. Sinicki’s performance a day earlier on the floor of the Assembly, during debate over revisions to the “John Doe” criminal investigative procedures, provides a bracing reminder of just how low the standards are for election to office in liberal-dominated Milwaukee. (Matt Kittle apparently was the first journalist to mention Sinicki’s performance, in this Oct. 20 post summarizing the “John Doe” debate). (more…)

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Mark Belling of Milwaukee’s News/Talk 1130 WISN, who brought this story to wide public attention through his Oct. 12 broadcast, updated listeners on the story in his Oct. 14 broadcast.

In his concluding remarks, he did not mince words, opining that George Williams College’s response to the “Stolen Valor” incident has been “pathetic,” and that the college looks “ridiculous.”

Here is a 12-minute clip of Mark’s remarks, which those following this story closely will want to watch in full:

For those who want just the gist of Mark’s take on the matter, here’s a short version, with only the last two minutes of the longer video:

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Related: Grad student (and vet) threatened with discipline for calling out fake Marine

Related: MARK BELLING: Response of George Williams College to “Stolen Valor” incident is pathetic!

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Rebecca Sherrick, President

Dr. Rebecca L. Sherrick is the college president who, as covered in detail in this blogger’s Oct. 13 post, holds in her hands the fate of Ryan Lonergan. (more…)

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Ryan Lonergan

Meet Ryan Lonergan, whose eight years of military service included a deployment in Iraq in 2009-10.


Ryan’s service to our country, and to his brothers in arms, is not yet done. Ryan has long been involved in helping veterans, and to that end he is currently pursuing a master’s degree in social work at George Williams College in Williams Bay, WI (an affiliate of Aurora University in Aurora, IL).

On Tuesday, October 6, Ryan publicly called out (in the school lunchroom) a fellow student who had falsely claimed (in elaborate detail) to having been a Marine infantry officer but who, when confronted by Ryan, confessed he’d made up the whole story.

The next day, the school initiated a disciplinary process — not against the student who’d falsely claimed to be a veteran, but against Ryan. (more…)

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Robert Morrow

Robert Morrow

Princeton grad and conservative writer Robert Morrow (@RobMorrowLiberty) — whose work triggers obsessive hatred among progressives — has a new book out (co-authored with Roger Stone): The Clintons’ War on Women.

It doesn’t hit bookstores until tomorrow, but if one were to judge a book by its cover, it doesn’t seem that Bill and Hillary Clinton will much like it: (more…)

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Update (10/18): On Oct. 15, Clemson’s student-run newspaper, The Tiger News, published “Fiesta Fiasco,” an article by Matthew Stapleton (a sophomore majoring in English), identifying Mitzi Gamez as the author of a tweet attacking Clemson’s “Maximum Mexican” food event as mocking Mexican culture — four days after Badger Pundit outed Ms. Gamez as the author (in this post).


Matthew Stapleton

Mr. Stapleton perhaps deserves an award for “Least Astute Journalist” in America, because his article totally missed the real story here — the evidence discussed in this post that: (1) the outrage by Ms. Gamez was totally fake (as on two prior occasions she has supported the use of sombreros in Mexican-themed events); and (2) the outrage was totally hypocritical, as Ms. Gamez herself has routinely mocked people based on their race, gender, and sexual orientation, on multiple occasions.The simplest research by Mr. Stapleton would have turned up this evidence, given that the below blog post turns up in the top 10 results of a Google search for “Mitzi Gamez“!

Update 2 (10/22, 10 p.m.): This post, and the embedded video, finally went viral in the past day (video views exploded tenfold, from less to 300 to now over 3,400), following Katherine Timpf’s National Review post and Total Frat Move‘s post. Shortly after this story’s focus on Mitzi Gamez went viral nationally, an organization at Clemson — Cultural Ambassadors of Clemson University — yesterday announced (linking to the video) that “because of the reactions people had” to Maximum Mexican Night ” across the country,” the organization “is going to host an impromptu panel/dialogue called Fiesta Fiasco Panel,” apparently in the next two weeks.


EXCLUSIVE — Please credit Badger Pundit

On the morning of October 9, Peter Hasson of Campus Reform broke the story of a student at Clemson University who had successfully bullied Clemson into apologizing for serving Mexican food (with servers wearing sombreros) by tweeting: “Our culture isn’t a costume and we will not be mocked!”

(This is apparently part of the “We’re a culture not a costume” campaign by radical activists who ostensibly believe that those “who choose culturally stereotypical costumes are unknowingly mocking other cultures.”)

The Clemson student wasn’t identified in the Campus Reform article. Shortly after the article appeared, the student deleted the tweet. (more…)

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Jude Legiste

Jude Legiste

On Monday morning, October 5, conservative talk-radio host Vicki McKenna of Milwaukee’s News/Talk 1130 WISN was the first to break the news (several hours before the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal published an article touching on it) that Jude Legiste, the 26-year-old dorm director at U. Wisconsin — La Crosse who sent the infamous “orgasm e-mail” to all the dorm residents under his charge, wrote in a blog post that he likes dating undergraduate women. (more…)

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PREDATOR?: College dorm director who sent orgasm e-mail likes dating students.

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Meet Chris Harper Mercer, the Oregon community college shooter who methodically killed at least ten fellow students after they identified themselves as Christian.

Why did he do it? It seems, at least in part, it’s because — like many on the Left — he hated organized religion. (more…)

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