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Today the New York Times published an editorial attacking Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for what he candidly admitted was a drafting error (in his budget proposal) regarding the mission statement for the University of Wisconsin.

The editorial board ought to go a bit easier on the Governor, because it should recognize that even intelligent, reasonably careful people can occasionally commit drafting errors. Witness, for example, the New York Times editorial attacking the Governor, which in its original form repeatedly referred to Scott Walker as “Mr. Scott” (screenshot preserved by @LoganDobson):

Mr Scott

Of course, the New York Times quickly updated its website with a correction noting the error, right?

Wrong. Being a liberal journalist means never having to say you’re sorry — indeed, never having to even acknowledge you’ve made an error.

Unlike Governor Walker, who candidly acknowledged a drafting error made in the preparation of his budget proposal, the New York Times simply corrected its error and pretended it never happened, consigning it to the memory hole.

Fortunately this did not escape the notice of prominent Wisconsin pollster and Marquette University Law School professor Charles Franklin, who tweeted this before-and-after screencap:


Hopefully the New York Times will some day stop memory-holing embarrassing errors, and match Governor Walker’s candor in acknowledging errors.

UPDATE (10:55 p.m.):  Comment on Gov. Scott Walker’s “Eureka! moment.”

UPDATE 2 (Feb. 7, 12:30 p.m.): Here is a scan of the hard copy of the finished editorial, published this a.m. (no mention in the hard copy, or online, of the “Mr. Scott” error in the editorial as initially published online):

Feb 7 NYT Walker editorial

UPDATE 3 (Feb. 7, 9 p.m.): And here’s a video answering the NYT’s attack on “Mr. Scott”:

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