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Just in time for Labor Day, two top Wisconsin drinking experts (and really, doesn’t Wisconsin have the nation’s leading experts in this area?) have come forward with life-changing advice, courtesy of TV stations in Milwaukee and Green Bay. (more…)

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Michael Brown, 1996-2014

Victor Davis Hanson offered a refreshingly candid appraisal today of the content of the character of Michael Brown, along with a concise summary of how Brown’s death was the direct result of his unlawful, and foolish, actions — a useful counterpoint to the mass-media coverage which has focused more on the color of his skin, and on his family’s loss. (more…)

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aug 15 drudge report

Here’s a video clip of Rush Limbaugh (running 6:42) from his August 22 show, in which he summarizes how the new media prevented CNN and other mass-media outlets from perpetuating the myth of Michael Brown being a “Gentle Giant” who, while walking in the street, was supposedly shot in the back for no good reason by a racist white cop.

This post was inspired by yesterday’s post by Tony Lee (@TheTonyLee) on Breitbart.com. Above image from Drudge Report, Aug. 15, 9:15 a.m.

Transcript: (more…)

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In his August 19 program, Wisconsin conservative talk-radio pioneer Mark Belling (who regularly guest hosts for Rush Limbaugh) of Milwaukee’s Talk/Radio 1030 WISN, condemned as “morally indefensible” the “lynch-mob attitude” of many in the mass media, and many others, toward Darren Wilson, the white Ferguson, Missouri, police officer who on August 9 killed a black teenager, Michael Brown.

A six-minute clip of Belling’s remarks (culled, in chronological order, from about 30 minutes of discussion between 3:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.) appears below. A twelve-minute extended version, providing more context (which is highly recommended for those closely following events in Ferguson), is available here. (Note: Belling had nothing to do with the images and video added to the clips to illustrate Belling’s discussion.)

Here is a brief summary (a full transcript appears below the video). (more…)

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It’s magical when people with dramatically different backgrounds can find common ground on controversial stories, especially those involving race, but that is exactly what has occurred today. (more…)

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Move over, John Spiegelhoff, the Wisconsin public-employee union boss who in 2011-12 used his union e-mail account to send dozens of threatening and harassing e-mails to state Senator Pam Galloway in retaliation for her voting for Gov. Scott Walker’s budget reforms. (more…)

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