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An earlier post on this blog addressed the liberal print media’s egregious reporting on the recently unveiled, but stale, partisan allegations against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker — which have already been found meritless by the state and federal courts — to the effect that Gov. Walker is some sort of criminal mastermind.

But one must turn to the broadcast media — specifically, MSNBC — to fully appreciate the vast distance between reality and imagination in the liberal media’s coverage of this non-story, which must be attributed to bad faith, or incompetence, or maybe a bit of both. (more…)

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Gov. Scott Walker, criminal mastermind?

Shortly before attending a dairy promotion fundraiser to serve breakfast, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker flagged today on his Twitter feed “a must-read editorial” in the Wall Street Journal.

It truly is a must-read item — not just for those interested in Gov. Walker, but for those concerned about the depths to which the liberal media elite are willing to sink to unfairly target conservatives who threaten to disrupt their big-government agenda. (more…)

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Yesterday liberal journalists flooded the zone with allegations, contained in old but recently unveiled court filings, that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is some sort of criminal mastermind.

Wisconsin’s Walker implicated in ‘criminal scheme,'” blarred MSNBC –“the sort of news that puts his career in jeopardy.” “Prosecutors: Gov. Walker part of criminal scheme,” reported the Washington Post, citing “previously secret court documents released Thursday.” The Huffington Post emphasized allegations that “Walker was at the center of a nationwide ‘criminal scheme’ to illegally coordinate with outside conservative groups.” Similarly, NBC focused on allegations that Walker “was part of a ‘wide-ranging scheme’ that illegally coordinated fundraising . . . .”

Google “Scott  Walker criminal” for other examples. (more…)

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On June 13, Rep. Raúl R. Labrador (R-Idaho) announced his long-shot candidacy to serve as House Majority Leader. Backed by a “rebel alliance,” he is challenging establishment candidate Kevin McCarthy (R-Cal.), the current Majority Whip. The vote will be held on June 19.

Rep. Labrador has been interviewed by “media heavy hitters” on radio and TV (as noted on Labrador’s Twitter feed). In addition to their importance to the current House leadership race, the interviews help illuminate the current state of tension between the newer, more conservative Republican representatives and the generally less conservative entrenched Republican leadership.

For the convenience of readers, the principal interviews are embedded below. (more…)

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During his June 9 radio program, Rush Limbaugh talked at length about the rapidly approaching 2016 presidential race, and the need for Republicans to unite around a conservative of real substance, which Rush sees as the key to defeating the powerful spin machine operated by the Democrats and their multitudinous media allies.

As Rush explained, it was Ronald Reagan’s focus on real substance that enabled him to defeat similar forces, and win and govern so successfully, during the 1980s.

Rush has frequently commented favorably on Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Now, he has explicitly singled out Walker as Reagan’s true heir:  a conservative leader who, by focusing on substance and reality (not spin and buzz), and by pursuing bold reforms to achieve actual results benefiting the average citizen, has beaten back every attempt by liberals to destroy him — supplying the blueprint for success for the Republican Party.

A clip with the key highlights is embedded below. (The uncut video is posted here.) A transcript (mostly lifted from Rush’s website, here and here) follows the video.

H/t to Ann Althouse (via Instapundit), for calling attention to Rush’s latest praise of Governor Walker.


RUSH:  I don’t think that the public is being given good choices. The Democrats are gonna nominate whoever they’re gonna nominate.  And they’re gonna be hopelessly leftist. They’re gonna be right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook.  * * *

And if the Republican Party establishment has no interest in finding or nurturing another conservative leader — which is the only way they’re going to really win and have a mandate and revive the country — if they’re not going to do that, then we’re going to continue to have talks and discussions like this for the rest of our lives!  And the subhead of a conversation that we’re having now could be called:  “What If?” And the Republicans are going to continue to be the “What If?” party if they continue to try to destroy every conservative that has a chance of winning in the primaries, which is what they’re setting up to do again! (more…)

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