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Vicki McKenna

Madison-based conservative talk-radio host Vicki McKenna, who broke the Debbie Hosking story on January 24, during her January 28 show addressed the broader lesson of the story regarding the tactics conservatives should use to redress the malignant leftism which is entrenched in much of the public educational system.

Her bottom line? Because more gentle measures have failed to stem continuing abuses, it’s time to “name names”: parents and students should work to publicly identify the worst offenders, by notifying conservative news outlets which can help expose the misconduct, and thus simultaneously build pressure for reforms and help deter future abuses. (more…)

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That’s the new take on the Debbie Hosking story emphasized by a leading Wisconsin conservative talk-radio host, Charlie Sykes, during his January 27 & 28 programs on Milwaukee’s WTMJ.

Charlie Sykes

Charlie Sykes


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Hatred of Gov. Scott Walker runs deep among Wisconsin “progressives,” particularly those in public education who are upset over his initiatives cutting their union perks and increasing the amount of taxpayer dollars spent to actually benefit students.

Still, one would hope that even progressives afflicted by “Walker Derangement Syndrome” — who, for example, argue that Walker is “worse than Jeffrey Dalmer!” — would honor the rule that children in a politician’s family are off limits, no matter how hated the politician.

But one would be wrong, at least regarding Wisconsin’s most attention-seeking, but least intellectually able, progressives — to coin a phrase, “Special Needs” Progressives.


Debbie Hosking

Meet Debbie Hosking (full name, Deborah L. Hosking), a Madison-area leftist who not only signed the petition seeking to recall Gov. Walker, but volunteered as a circulator to collect signatures from others.

While perusing Gov. Walker’s Facebook page, recently Hosking came across a photo of the Governor’s young nieces taken in his office after his “State of the State” address (posing with his sons; full photo here): Walker_nieces Following more than 200 overwhelmingly positive comments under this post, at about 10 p.m. on January 23, Hosking made a now-infamous comment: “Who are these inbred dumbasses?(more…)

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