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Update 1:  As of Aug. 28, 11:30 a.m. (Eastern time), 95% of those surveyed say Jim Letten is a more insane hobbit hater than Gollum.

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All good people love hobbits.  As W. H. Auden observed in 1954, they are heroes who saved the day for the Dwarves in The Hobbit, and who fought to prevent evil from dominating the world in the Lord of the Rings.

They are also real-world heroes who, in 2013, are working to speak truth to power through citizen journalism which probes corruption and criminality in politics ignored by the mainstream media.  James O’Keefe (author of a New York Times bestselling book, Breakthrough) and his fellow citizen journalists with Project Veritas are likewise beloved by all good people, and for that reason are sometimes likened to hobbits.

Who hates hobbits?  Almost no one.  Only those who are evil and insane could possibly hate hobbits.  In fact, only two characters have ever been caught on film engaging in hate speech against hobbits. Both are clearly deranged, making it difficult to resolve who is the most insane hobbit hater.  Please help resolve this matter by watching these short videos of the two hobbit haters, and voting below. (more…)


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Dad29,” a Milwaukee-area conservative blogger with an eclectic range of interests, reacting to a recent post on this blog, makes an intriguing point about the career path of a fictional U.S. president — Tom Clancy character Jack Ryan — and the current, real U.S. president, Barack Obama.

You decide:  which career path is stranger — that of Jack Ryan, or that of Barack Obama? (more…)

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Yesterday Glenn Reynolds hypothesized that, just like a woman in a swimsuit, a man in a Speedo won’t “get taken very seriously.”  But those who follow Wisconsin politics know there’s no need to hypothesize about such a thing — and that Glenn Reynolds is incorrect.


Meet Wisconsin legislator Brett Hulsey, who represents 78,000 lucky residents of Wisconsin’s 78th Assembly District (which covers much of west Madison). (more…)

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Last week, previously unknown radical feminist Sarah Alcid of the leftist Reproductive Health Technologies Project (an organization so secretive it declines to identify its supporters) came to wide public attention for her ill-considered Twitter attack on a well-established conservative journalist, Robert Stacy McCain — and her subsequent claim, and those of her friends, that by writing about her in response, McCain was “stalking” and “harassing” her.

Even more interesting than the attack by Ms. Alcid and her friends on McCain is the moniker they collectively employ.  Given their feminist orientation and interest in abortion, they proudly call themselves “#AbortionBitches.”


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Thomas Donnelly of the American Enterprise Institute has an opinion piece in today’s Wall Street Journal on one of the newer “progressive” plans  to classify wide swaths of the American population as “victims” in need of expensive treatments funded by taxpayer dollars which flow to the progressives’ allies in the medical and counselling industries — just another aspect of a general scheme that might be termed the “victimology industry.” (more…)

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Meet Richard Saks, a prominent labor-union and plaintiffs-side employment attorney in Milwaukee who is a long-time partner at Hawks Quindel, one of Wisconsin’s top firms specializing in this area. But lest you conclude he’s all work and no play, consider this article in the August 13 Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: (more…)

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Nate Barrett of Fox 55 News (Wausau, Wisconsin), has the scoop.

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