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Here are highly entertaining excerpts from The Howie Carr Show, 4/24/2013, regarding the national story broken by Carr and the Boston Herald: that the Boston Marathon bombing terrorists, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, were on welfare. Herald story here. Carr essays here and here.


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On the morning of April 23, 2013, Watertown, Massachusetts, resident Andrew Kitzenberg (@AKitz) posted a MEDIA ALERT offering to the world, under a Creative Commons license, 16 digital photos he took on April 19 of the Watertown shootout between the Boston Marathon bombers (who I’m calling the Brothers Tsarnaev) and the police. (This was merely the first Watertown gunfight of April 19; later in the day the epic “Gunfight at the Shrink-Wrapped Boat” occurred.)

Mr. Kitzenberg posted the photos on this page, along with his narrative about the photos and the events he witnessed.  Mr. Kitzenberg’s only conditions were that any reuse of the photos credit him as the photographer, and include a mention of the website of his company (www.getonhand.com) which is fundraising for the ONE FUND Boston.

Many bloggers, including Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit), linked to that page.  Then Mr. Kitzenberg appeared on CNN, giving a detailed interview about his photos (video here). Then, somewhat oddly, Mr. Kitzenberg deleted all the photos from his website (leaving the descriptions intact), offering a crytic explanation:

UPDATE 3:20PM 4/23/2013: I have decided to take down the photos during the ongoing investigation.

Right now (about 10 p.m. Central time), the photos are still viewable in Google cache.  To ensure they will be permanently viewable in their original context, the original page is recreated below (more…)

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The duo I’m calling The Brothers Tsarnaev — Tamerlan and Dzhokhar, the cowardly Boston Marathon terrorist bombers with a penchant for videos on Islamic jihad, who were called “losers” by their own uncle — are finally getting some positive press coverage.

Yesterday the New York Times published a sympathetic puff piece on the brothers which puts their evil deeds in context.  In particular, it details how difficult it was for these young men, born and raised in a foreign country, to adjust to life in America. The original title of the article captured this focus perfectly:  “Far From War-Torn Homeland, Trying to Fit In”  (for some reason the Times later changed the title, as Jim Treacher of the Daily Caller caught.) (more…)

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The scene last night in St. Louis at a hockey game between the St. Louis Blues and the Dallas Stars:

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Three-minute video putting in context the exclusive video aired tonight by WHDH Boston NBC of cowardly Boston Marathon terrorist “loser” # 2, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, starring in the epic “Gunfight at the Shrink-Wrapped Boat.”

No word yet on whether he hit anything. May he enjoy eternity in Hell after being tossed into the dust-bin of history specially reserved for losers.

Update (11:25 p.m. Eastern):  another video clip, from a different angle, here.

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Here are highlights from the Islamic-themed videos featured on the social media pages of the Boston Marathon terrorists, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Might the videos assist President Obama in fulfilling his vow of April 15, 2013, to “find out why they did this”?  (Then again, perhaps that question was only operative during speculation that the culprits were right-wing, anti-government, possibly Christian extremists.)

H/t to Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit) and Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) for their posts calling attention to the videos.

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This just in from Fox News (h/t Dan Riehl):

A federal law enforcement source told Fox News that investigators are looking for two men that are persons of interest in Monday’s Boston Marathon terror attack and have distributed photos for “law enforcement eyes only.”

The FBI is not sharing the photos with the public.

A Fox News reporter has seen the photos and called them “clear.”

According to the reporter, one of the men has a backpack that appears to match the bag believed to have been used in the attack. The other man also appears to have a bag of some kind.

The source asked that the images not be made public for fear of jeopardizing the investigation.

Badger Pundit has a long record of advocating transparency in government, has obtained a leaked copy of one of the photos, and can confirm that it is, indeed, “clear” (apparently taken from a high-definition video), and that one of the men has a dark backpack that appears similar to that used in the attack.

Both appear to be clean-shaven, 30-something, short white men with dark hair.  The photo has been uploaded here. If you recognize either man, please call 1-800-FBI-TIPS.

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