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Key excerpts from the Florida House committee hearing in which a pro-choice Democrat, Rep. Mike Clelland, rebuked Planned Parenthood’s embrace of infanticide.  Hearing held 3/25/2013.  Full video available here.



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Video from 1983’s “Cujo” and from 3/23/2013 attack by “Shiner” on a baby sea lion. You decide which dog is scarier!

VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED: Scary dog-on-human and dog-on-baby-sea-lion violence, and much screaming.

For more information on the Giffords family — those “dangerous liberals” — read yesterday’s post.

Once you’ve watched the video, PLEASE VOTE! 

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Recently the Giffords family’s attack dog, Shiner (who takes after “Cujo“) — [UPDATE: new video here on which is the “World’s Scariest Dog”:  “Cujo” or “Shiner”] — played tug of war with Giffords’ stepdaughter, Claudia, over a baby sea lion. Here’s the video!

More background on Shiner and  the bloody battle on the beach at the Daily Mail.


Claudia Kelly (Gabby Giffords’ stepdaughter) with Shiner, in happier times (more…)

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The “skilled tax leaders” at the IRS — its words, from a 2010 “training” video — are in the news today for spending $60,000 on the video.   (more…)

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Deandre Poole, Vice Chair, Palm Beach County Democratic Party

Meet Deandre Javaris Poole, Ph.D, age 32,  the Vice Chair of the Palm Beach County Democratic Party — and the County’s second top official to come under scrutiny in the past year for anti-Christian hate speech. (more…)

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