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On the evening of June 5, 2012, a left-wing Madison protester who said his name is Mike (more on that in a moment) appeared on CNN shortly after Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker survived the effort launched by the left to recall him from office.

With great emotion, Mike announced to all Americans that the failure of the recall means “democracy is dead!

Quickly dubbed the “Crying Man,” he achieved world-wide fame as the video went viral.

He was widely mocked. For example, Glenn Beck opined he sounded like the same guy who covered live the 1937 crashing and burning of the Hindenburg.

The next day, the “Crying Man” called conservative Wisconsin talk-radio host Vicki McKenna to defend himself. The result, as Vicki observed, is “priceless.”

The following clip (Part 1 of 2) combines video of the “Crying Man” on CNN, Glenn Beck’s commentary, and excerpts from Vicki’s show, along with various photos of the Madison protests which are hopefully informative and even entertaining. Enjoy!

But so-called “Mike” was not satisfied with his 15 minutes of fame. He hungered for an encore. A day after beclowning himself on Vicki’s show, “Mike” was featured on a liberal Madison talk show. Except it turns out his name wasn’t Mike. Apparently his name is Vinny; he’s a regular caller to the show.

The following video (Part 2 of 2) spends the first five minutes summarizing the first video (because that’s what Badger Pundit fans expect, long videos, right?). Those who have just watched Part 1 can skip ahead.

Starting at 5:08, the video covers Vinny’s call in to the Madison liberal talk show. Starting at  7:35, Vinny uses the appearance to beg conservative talk show hosts to invite him on their shows so he can further expound on why the Wisconsin recall result means that “democracy is dead.”

Perhaps the “Crying Man” should have quit while he was ahead (or, at least, not too far behind, and merely the object of mild bemusement).

Update [June 14]: Tthe “Crying Man” has inspired a new hashtag:

Update 2 [June 14]: Many thanks to Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) for the 10,000+ views of the first video, in just one day!

Update 3 [June 14]: Many thanks to Jonathon M. Seidl for his excellent essay on The Blaze featuring the “Crying Man” videos.

Update 4 [June 15]: Thanks to Reynolds and Seidl, the first video is now nearing 30,000 views!

“Mike”/Vinny:  You’re (more) (in)famous!

Update 5 [June 22]

Okay Vinny, you’re officially infamous, now that your crude comments about  Vicki made on Facebook have come to light. You’re not the first person to lose a debate to her, but you are the first person to react by calling her a lying “bitch” with syphilis. Congratulations! If anyone deserves another video, focused on your latest contribution to discussion of matters affecting the public, it’s you!

The following video — Part 3 of what is now a three-part series — breaks never-before-seen images from the Facebook account of the “Crying Man,” in particular, photographs of him with his close friend and fellow hate-talker, top liberal Madison talk show host John “Sly” Sylvester.

With this latest information from Vinny’s Facebook page, the full name of the guy who made himself (in)famous via CNN on June 5 is now established:

“Mike,” aka “The Crying Man,” aka “Vinny,” aka “Sly’s Cousin Vinny,” Mike Vincent Daly.

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