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Meet Esmeralda Tovar (a 2014 graduate of the top-notch Milwaukee public school system), another example of a college student of Mexican heritage who is offended — or at least who claims to be offended — by a seemingly trivial example of supposed cultural insensitivity. Continue Reading »

Below are excerpts from Mark Belling’s shows in which Mark explains how John Humphries is “lying” in claiming to have supported Act 10 & Scott Walker — he’s a “fundamentally dishonest,” “phony” con artist and “fraud” who voted AGAINST Scott Walker and Donald Trump. Continue Reading »

“Will you be my gender queer / gender non-conforming Valentine?”

That’s a question not asked this Valentine’s Day on the “Datamatch” matchmaking website, run by Harvard students at the Harvard Computer Society. And the campus is an an uproar over it, according to an article in today’s Harvard Crimson. Continue Reading »


Prof. Laura Kipnis

Did the campus police chief at Northwestern University issue a campus-wide security alert, warning women of a risk of being sexually abused at NU fraternities — and adding that “we will not stand for this misogynistic, predatory atmosphere” — based on anonymous reports of alleged abuse, without even knowing the names of those allegedly abused? [Update: Or did the police chief say that? See comment of eagle-eyed Greg Piper.]

That’s the question posed by a professor at Northwestern University, Laura Kipnis –perhaps the only sane person on that pathologically liberal campus (whose latest book, Unwanted Advances: Sexual Paranoia Comes to Campus, will be released on April 4; preorder here!) — in a letter posted on the school’s student-run newspaper, the Daily Northwestern. Continue Reading »


Eric A. Posner

Update (12:05 p.m., E.T.): Responding to a tweet from Ed Whelan, Posner has further articulated his view that Judge Gorsuch has a duty to condemn Trump, here. However, Posner completely ignores Judge Gorsuch’s obligation under Canon 5 of the Code of Conduct for United States Judges not to comment on the political conduct and statements of President  Trump (see below), and Posner also ignores the other points made by this blogger, in tweets published more than an hour before Posner published his post. Continue Reading »


Daniel Dropik

For ease of reference, here are video and audio messages issued by UW-Madison white-rights-advocate Daniel Dropik (for background, see earlier post), and television news segments which have appeared on Madison television, arranged in chronological order. Continue Reading »

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