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In Wisconsin we affectionately refer to uber-liberal Madison as “77 Square Miles Surrounded By Reality” (less affectionately, as a “Communist community). Could there possibly be a place on Earth that’s more insulated from reality than Madison?

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Update (Jan. 14): Still more fake news from the Washington Post!

Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit) has this report on the newspaper’s failure to tell the whole story on the resignation of the general in charge of the D.C. National Guard (unsurprisingly, the story it did tell makes President-Elect Donald Trump look bad), and on its further resort to Stalinist memory-holing (rewriting an article to fix mistakes, without noting the changes, or indeed noting that any update was made). Continue Reading »

Mark Belling, the godfather of Wisconsin conservative talk radio, of Milwaukee’s WISN (News/Talk 1130), broke news of perhaps the most insanely moronic liberal initiative at any American university, ever, in segments of his January 9, 2017, show. Continue Reading »

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Numerous leading conservative commentators have addressed the sickening kidnapping and torture in Chicago of a white “special needs” man at the hands of four young black men and women, broadcast live on Facebook.

The aim of this blog post is to assemble, for handy immediate reference, and for historical purposes, the best of the commentary — both video and audio. Continue Reading »