So the New York Times finally sent a reporter to Evergreen State College, more than three weeks after the unrest began on May 23, when dozens of leftist students were caught on video surrounding and shouting down a professor, Bret Weinstein, for having objected to an official policy of racial segregation on campus (a request that all whites leave for the day).

Only in Bizarro World would college students brand a professor as “racist” for speaking out against racial segregation, and advocating color-blind policies.

Only in Bizarro World would a supposedly “elite” newspaper like the New York Times fail to document — or even mention — evidence that a prime mover behind the crisis at Evergreen is a foul-mouthed, anti-American, black and queer professor, Naima Lowe. Continue Reading »

Here are highlights of Mike Cernovich‘s 30-minute Periscope video this afternoon which, as Stephen Molyneaux has noted, contains “[a]n incredibly important message” for President Trump.

Update (June 12): Welcome, Breitbart News (Tom Ciccotta) readers! (In his post Tom carefully notes, on a point this blogger simply assumed without actual evidence: “It is unclear if the individual arrested is an Evergreen student.”

Update 2 (June 13): Thanks to Michelle Malkin and Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit) for retweeting this video. Huge boost!

Update 3 (June 14): Welcome, Instapundit (Glenn Reynolds) readers! Glenn (“The Blogfather“) is the guy who put this blog on the map, with numerous links during its launch in February, 2011. This blog post was read today by more 5,000 of Glenn’s readers! More than 19,000 have viewed the new (12-minute) video, in addition to the 5,609 who viewed the old (10-minute) video initially linked by Breitbart News.

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Why does it fall to an obscure Wisconsin blogger to break important news of developments in a story of national importance (previously covered by the New York TimesWashington PostWeekly Standard, and National Review), which continues to unfold in Olympia, Washington?Evergreen4

Two days ago, students at Evergreen State College repeatedly F-bombed Christian fundamentalists who were peaceably and legally assembled on the main campus plaza (public property) to urge anyone who cared to listen to accept Jesus Christ as their savior. Continue Reading »

This morning an especially stupid and intellectually odious liberal blogger named Matthew Yglesias — a member of the overlord “ruling class” simultaneously so narcissistic that he fancies himself as writing not for us, but for future historians, but so obtuse that he compares people who disagree with him to Hitler — published this tweet mocking average Americans for their support of President Trump:

May 29 Matthew Yglesias tweet

Which led Chris Arnade (FB, Twitter, Medium, Flickr, Tumblr), who is far more knowledgeable than Yglesias about the reality of the lives of average Americans (though he holds a Ph.D and has enjoyed far more financial success than Yglesias, he’s still the one you’d rather have a beer with), to write a dozen tweets.

Arnade self portrait

Chris Arnade

Arnade’s tweet storm is set forth below for easy reading. These tweets, and Arnade’s more detailed essays and photographs documenting everyday life in America, are much more likely to be of interest to future historians than anything Yglesias ever has written. or ever will write. Continue Reading »

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has twice covered (here and here) CNN’s political hit job against Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. in which Clarke was falsely accused of “plagiarism” in a master’s thesis in which, in fact, Clarke footnoted each and every source from which he supposedly “plagiarized.”

0 -- stanley 2

Is the paper’s management — led by George Stanley (george.stanley@jrn.com; Twitter; FB) — bigoted against black conservatives “who in any way deign to think for themselves” and refuse to “kowtow to an old order”? You may be asking that once you finish this post (if so, please participate in the poll at the bottom).

After all, this is a paper which has opined that Justice Clarence Thomas is not a real black.
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Clarke People's Sheriff

On Wednesday, May 17, the Sheriff of Milwaukee County, David A. Clarke Jr., announced he will be resigning in the near future to join the Trump Administration. Sheriff Clarke will be filling “a senior role at the Department of Homeland Security” (DHS), in charge of coordinating the Department’s interaction with thousands of state, local, tribal, and territorial law-enforcement agencies. Continue Reading »

Dan O'Donnell

Dan O’Donnell

On May 11, Dan O’Donnell of Milwaukee’s WISN — the rising star of Wisconsin conservative talk radio, who has won the prestigious national Edward R. Murrow award for broadcast journalism not just once, but twice — executed the ultimate takedown of university bureaucrats who coddle stressed-out students by supplying them with a panoply of relaxation techniques for coping with the stress of final exams. (If you like this post, retweet this.) Continue Reading »