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An earlier post on this blog addressed the liberal print media’s egregious reporting on the recently unveiled, but stale, partisan allegations against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker — which have already been found meritless by the state and federal courts — to the effect that Gov. Walker is some sort of criminal mastermind.

But one must turn to the broadcast media — specifically, MSNBC — to fully appreciate the vast distance between reality and imagination in the liberal media’s coverage of this non-story, which must be attributed to bad faith, or incompetence, or maybe a bit of both.

Exhibit A is MSNBC’s June 19 coverage on “The Ed Show,” in which Ed Schultz — who has long been obsessed with doing everything possible to destroy Gov. Walker, and whose judgment is so skewed that in June, 2012, he said that Walker could be indicted in a matter of days — ended the segment by calling for the impeachment of Gov. Walker.  The full video (8:14) is available here.  A four-minute clip with the key parts is embedded below.

Exhibit B is MSNBC’s coverage the next morning on “Morning Joe,” in which several MSNBC panelists called great attention to the stale and meritless allegations against Gov. Walker (which a federal judge has explicitly held to be frivolous) while candidly admitting they didn’t really know much about the matter.  Even so, for the entire weekend a clip of the discussion has appeared as the front-page video on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” website (here). Clip 1 (of 2) is available in full here; Clip 2, here. Excerpts embedded below.

John Hinderaker summed up, in just two sentences, the sad state of mass-media journalism reflected in such coverage:

If you didn’t know better, you might think this is a big story, highly damaging to one of America’s most successful governors. In fact, the current frenzy merely demonstrates the laziness and bias of reporters who don’t understand the events they write about.

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Gov. Scott Walker, criminal mastermind?

Shortly before attending a dairy promotion fundraiser to serve breakfast, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker flagged today on his Twitter feed “a must-read editorial” in the Wall Street Journal.

It truly is a must-read item — not just for those interested in Gov. Walker, but for those concerned about the depths to which the liberal media elite are willing to sink to unfairly target conservatives who threaten to disrupt their big-government agenda.

The editorial addresses the liberal media’s laughable fixation on old, but recently unveiled, court documents in which partisan Democrat prosecutors accused Gov. Walker of being some sort of criminal mastermind — without any basis, as both federal and state judges have already ruled. (For a quick primer, see yesterday’s post on this blog, collecting some of the best sources).

The link to the editorial included in the tweet is apparently only intermittently readable by non-subscribers (it worked only once for this blogger), leading some following the Governor’s Twitter feed to complain — and perhaps even imply that Gov. Walker was trying to boost the Journal’s profits by forcing people to subscribe (“that is so very telling of you,” one remarked).

Typically Wall Street Journal editorials and op ed. pieces are available to non-subscribers, and obviously in this instance this editorial was intended to be available, or at minimum the Governor believed it would be available. Therefore, in light of the evident glitches limiting some non-subscribers from accessing the piece, for the convenience of those following the Governor’s Twitter feed, it appears below. (more…)

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Yesterday liberal journalists flooded the zone with allegations, contained in old but recently unveiled court filings, that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is some sort of criminal mastermind.

Wisconsin’s Walker implicated in ‘criminal scheme,’” blarred MSNBC –”the sort of news that puts his career in jeopardy.” “Prosecutors: Gov. Walker part of criminal scheme,” reported the Washington Post, citing “previously secret court documents released Thursday.” The Huffington Post emphasized allegations that “Walker was at the center of a nationwide ‘criminal scheme’ to illegally coordinate with outside conservative groups.” Similarly, NBC focused on allegations that Walker “was part of a ‘wide-ranging scheme’ that illegally coordinated fundraising . . . .”

Google “Scott  Walker criminal” for other examples. (more…)

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On June 13, Rep. Raúl R. Labrador (R-Idaho) announced his long-shot candidacy to serve as House Majority Leader. Backed by a “rebel alliance,” he is challenging establishment candidate Kevin McCarthy (R-Cal.), the current Majority Whip. The vote will be held on June 19.

Rep. Labrador has been interviewed by “media heavy hitters” on radio and TV (as noted on Labrador’s Twitter feed). In addition to their importance to the current House leadership race, the interviews help illuminate the current state of tension between the newer, more conservative Republican representatives and the generally less conservative entrenched Republican leadership.

For the convenience of readers, the principal interviews are embedded below. (more…)

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During his June 9 radio program, Rush Limbaugh talked at length about the rapidly approaching 2016 presidential race, and the need for Republicans to unite around a conservative of real substance, which Rush sees as the key to defeating the powerful spin machine operated by the Democrats and their multitudinous media allies.

As Rush explained, it was Ronald Reagan’s focus on real substance that enabled him to defeat similar forces, and win and govern so successfully, during the 1980s.

Rush has frequently commented favorably on Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Now, he has explicitly singled out Walker as Reagan’s true heir:  a conservative leader who, by focusing on substance and reality (not spin and buzz), and by pursuing bold reforms to achieve actual results benefiting the average citizen, has beaten back every attempt by liberals to destroy him — supplying the blueprint for success for the Republican Party.

A clip with the key highlights is embedded below. (The uncut video is posted here.) A transcript (mostly lifted from Rush’s website, here and here) follows the video.

H/t to Ann Althouse (via Instapundit), for calling attention to Rush’s latest praise of Governor Walker.


RUSH:  I don’t think that the public is being given good choices. The Democrats are gonna nominate whoever they’re gonna nominate.  And they’re gonna be hopelessly leftist. They’re gonna be right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook.  * * *

And if the Republican Party establishment has no interest in finding or nurturing another conservative leader — which is the only way they’re going to really win and have a mandate and revive the country — if they’re not going to do that, then we’re going to continue to have talks and discussions like this for the rest of our lives!  And the subhead of a conversation that we’re having now could be called:  “What If?” And the Republicans are going to continue to be the “What If?” party if they continue to try to destroy every conservative that has a chance of winning in the primaries, which is what they’re setting up to do again! (more…)

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Dr. Charles A. Murray

Dr. Charles A. Murray

Charles A. Murray, Ph.D., the well-known and influential libertarian political scientist — currently a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute — made an appearance at Harvard on March 13.

In a program moderated by William Kristol, he discussed and then took audience questions concerning his 2013 book, Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010.

(Another book by the prolific Dr. Murray comes out next month – although at least one member of the blogging elite already has a copy.)

For those not already familiar with Coming Apart, here are some worthwhile reviews of it:  New York Times, American Spectator, Wall St. JournalN.Y. Review of Books, Washington Times, and New Yorker.

A full video of this terrific event (running 68 minutes) is available on Harvard’s website.

The following 11 videos gather highlights, broken out by topic, to facilitate browsing. To watch all the videos in chronological order, or browse using the playlist menu, click here.


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T. Beckett Adams

T. Becket Adams

By day, T. Becket Adams (@BecketAdams) is a mega-star in the conservative blogosphere, as a D.C.-based editor at The Blaze.

By night, when he’s not catching up on his favorite TV shows (currently True Detective), Adams transforms himself into the “Lonely Drinker,” inhabiting bars and (perhaps auditioning for a position with TMZ or BuzzFeed) tweeting wry observations about other bar patrons — and uploading the occasional selfie.

Here are some excerpts from tonight (for the full timeline, click here).

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On March 10, 2014, liberals suddenly discovered that the word “bossy” is part of the “War on Women.”

Inconveniently, that’s what the President calls the First Lady.

And it’s on video.


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Being a progressive means: (1) being quick to play the victim; but (2) being just as quick to abandon that position, and wax apologetic, if there’s any chance your remarks might be construed as politically incorrect.

Andrea Jennifer Shubert

Andrea Jennifer Shubert

Meet Andrea Jennifer Shubert, a game designer who works and lives in the Boston area.  Yesterday she was one of many commuters inconvenienced by President Obama’s visit to Harvard Square for a political event — something she felt the world ought to know:

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Intelligence Squared debates (a series on public policy topics broadcast by NPR and funded by the Rosenkranz Foundation) have been called the “intellectual equivalent of a pro-wrestling smackdown.” They feature spirited exchanges and a clear winner (based on before-and-after voting by the audience).

On Feb. 27 a capacity crowd at Harvard Law School witnessed an epic smackdown of two Ivy League law professors who entered the arena in defense of affirmative action: Harvard’s Randall Kennedy (author of For Discrimination; review here) and Columbia’s Theodore Shaw (former head of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund). (For general background see pieces by Prof. Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz and the Harvard Crimson.)


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Vicki McKenna

Madison-based conservative talk-radio host Vicki McKenna, who broke the Debbie Hosking story on January 24, during her January 28 show addressed the broader lesson of the story regarding the tactics conservatives should use to redress the malignant leftism which is entrenched in much of the public educational system.

Her bottom line? Because more gentle measures have failed to stem continuing abuses, it’s time to “name names”: parents and students should work to publicly identify the worst offenders, by notifying conservative news outlets which can help expose the misconduct, and thus simultaneously build pressure for reforms and help deter future abuses. (more…)

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That’s the new take on the Debbie Hosking story emphasized by a leading Wisconsin conservative talk-radio host, Charlie Sykes, during his January 27 & 28 programs on Milwaukee’s WTMJ.

Charlie Sykes

Charlie Sykes


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Hatred of Gov. Scott Walker runs deep among Wisconsin “progressives,” particularly those in public education who are upset over his initiatives cutting their union perks and increasing the amount of taxpayer dollars spent to actually benefit students.

Still, one would hope that even progressives afflicted by “Walker Derangement Syndrome” — who, for example, argue that Walker is “worse than Jeffrey Dalmer!” — would honor the rule that children in a politician’s family are off limits, no matter how hated the politician.

But one would be wrong, at least regarding Wisconsin’s most attention-seeking, but least intellectually able, progressives — to coin a phrase, “Special Needs” Progressives.


Debbie Hosking

Meet Debbie Hosking (full name, Deborah L. Hosking), a Madison-area leftist who not only signed the petition seeking to recall Gov. Walker, but volunteered as a circulator to collect signatures from others.

While perusing Gov. Walker’s Facebook page, recently Hosking came across a photo of the Governor’s young nieces taken in his office after his “State of the State” address (posing with his sons; full photo here): Walker_nieces Following more than 200 overwhelmingly positive comments under this post, at about 10 p.m. on January 23, Hosking made a now-infamous comment: “Who are these inbred dumbasses?(more…)

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[WELCOME Power Line (Scott Johnson) readers!]

Update 1:  As of Aug. 28, 11:30 a.m. (Eastern time), 95% of those surveyed say Jim Letten is a more insane hobbit hater than Gollum.

All good people love hobbits.  As W. H. Auden observed in 1954, they are heroes who saved the day for the Dwarves in The Hobbit, and who fought to prevent evil from dominating the world in the Lord of the Rings.

They are also real-world heroes who, in 2013, are working to speak truth to power through citizen journalism which probes corruption and criminality in politics ignored by the mainstream media.  James O’Keefe (author of a New York Times bestselling book, Breakthrough) and his fellow citizen journalists with Project Veritas are likewise beloved by all good people, and for that reason are sometimes likened to hobbits.

Who hates hobbits?  Almost no one.  Only those who are evil and insane could possibly hate hobbits.  In fact, only two characters have ever been caught on film engaging in hate speech against hobbits. Both are clearly deranged, making it difficult to resolve who is the most insane hobbit hater.  Please help resolve this matter by watching these short videos of the two hobbit haters, and voting below. (more…)

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Dad29,” a Milwaukee-area conservative blogger with an eclectic range of interests, reacting to a recent post on this blog, makes an intriguing point about the career path of a fictional U.S. president — Tom Clancy character Jack Ryan — and the current, real U.S. president, Barack Obama.

You decide:  which career path is stranger — that of Jack Ryan, or that of Barack Obama? (more…)

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[WELCOME Althouse, Wonkette, and Forward Lookout readers!]

Yesterday Glenn Reynolds hypothesized that, just like a woman in a swimsuit, a man in a Speedo won’t “get taken very seriously.”  But those who follow Wisconsin politics know there’s no need to hypothesize about such a thing — and that Glenn Reynolds is incorrect.


Meet Wisconsin legislator Brett Hulsey, who represents 78,000 lucky residents of Wisconsin’s 78th Assembly District (which covers much of west Madison). (more…)

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Last week, previously unknown radical feminist Sarah Alcid of the leftist Reproductive Health Technologies Project (an organization so secretive it declines to identify its supporters) came to wide public attention for her ill-considered Twitter attack on a well-established conservative journalist, Robert Stacy McCain — and her subsequent claim, and those of her friends, that by writing about her in response, McCain was “stalking” and “harassing” her.

Even more interesting than the attack by Ms. Alcid and her friends on McCain is the moniker they collectively employ.  Given their feminist orientation and interest in abortion, they proudly call themselves “#AbortionBitches.”


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Thomas Donnelly of the American Enterprise Institute has an opinion piece in today’s Wall Street Journal on one of the newer “progressive” plans  to classify wide swaths of the American population as “victims” in need of expensive treatments funded by taxpayer dollars which flow to the progressives’ allies in the medical and counselling industries — just another aspect of a general scheme that might be termed the “victimology industry.” (more…)

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[WELCOME Above the Law readers!]





Meet Richard Saks, a prominent labor-union and plaintiffs-side employment attorney in Milwaukee who is a long-time partner at Hawks Quindel, one of Wisconsin’s top firms specializing in this area. But lest you conclude he’s all work and no play, consider this article in the August 13 Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: (more…)

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Nate Barrett of Fox 55 News (Wausau, Wisconsin), has the scoop.

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[WELCOME Gateway Pundit readers!]

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Meet Oprah Winfrey, an anti-hamburgerpro-vegan, animal-rights activist so passionate about the welfare of animals that PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) honored her in 2008 as its Person of the Year.

But Oprah’s got a dark side.  Secretly she yearns to own fashion accessories made out of the skins of animals that suffer cruel, lingering deaths purely to enable some people to gain status over others. (more…)

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[WELCOME!, readers of The Other McCain.]


Sara Alcid

Radical feminist Sara Alcid, who virtually no one had ever heard of until Robert Stacy McCain wrote about her today (here), has taken to Twitter to complain that she has been victimized by a conservative writing an “entire article” on her. (more…)

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Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin

For at least a century, Charles Darwin has been a hero of the “progressive” moment for his landmark work on the evolution of species, which simultaneously enabled progressives to defend their atheism and to bolster their racist beliefs and eugenics program.

So it is interesting to see what happens when progressives run up against a basic principle of Darwin’s work in the course of practicing their favorite religion — environmentalism. (more…)

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Meet Philip Schrodt, who very recently retired as a political science professor at Penn State following 31 years of tenure.  He marked his retirement with two exercises of free speech. (more…)

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Badger Pundit is on record as sharing Senator Rand Paul’s concern that drone technology may threaten life and liberty. Badger Pundit also shares Senator Paul’s view that at least some drones may promote the pursuit of happiness. To be specific:  drones that deliver beer via parachute (h/t Instapundit).

Here are a few videos about this promising new technology: (more…)

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Russ Vaughn poses this apt question at The American Thinker, concerning the ongoing “trial at Fort Hood, Texas of the terrorist killer, Nidal Hasan, an Army doctor, who, while proclaiming his allegiance to Allah, gunned down 43 American soldiers and/or their family members, killing fourteen,” which according to the Obama Administration “constitutes workplace violence rather than the Islamic terrorism it truly was” — thus depriving the victims and their survivors of federal benefits accorded victims of terrorism.  Here’s the gist of his analysis: (more…)

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Asks Kimberly Strassel in her op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal, “Washington’s Latest Special Favor,” which offers a reality check on the Obama Administration’s professed commitment to “Transparency and Open Government.” (more…)

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Asks Steve Sailer of Juan Pablo Galavis, who has been selected by ABC as the first “non-Caucasian” Bachelor or Bachelorette ever. (more…)

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Steve Foley of The Minority Report (h/t Maggie’s Farm) has published an interesting essay by an anonymous author, entitled “A Detailed List of Curious  Coincidences in President Obama’s Life.”

Detailed it is — perhaps too detailed, by its inclusion of minor details that detract a bit from some of the more amazing coincidences.  But whoever wrote this essay has an encyclopedic knowledge of Obama’s life and a fairly impressive talent for synthesis, and it’s worth a look.  Here’s a taste of the full essay: (more…)

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Harvard economist Greg Mankiw recommends the following account of the difficult predicament currently faced by the Federal Reserve Board as it contemplates “The Great Unwind”:

Perhaps the vocal performance could be upgraded, but the lyrics are solid.  Example: (more…)

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Mead’s commentary on the demise of Newsweek – and on the problems facing the liberal mainstream media in general — is trenchant.  A taste: (more…)

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The Last Refuge bloggers continue to break interesting news about the motley crew of paid agitators who fancy themselves the intellectual heirs of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (their leader explicitly claims that mantle here), and are protesting the Trayvon Martin verdict, calling themselves the “Dream Defenders” — recruiting gullible college students to serve as their shock troops.

(Some background, and a collection of links, on this blog here and here.)

post this morning relates the latest on the occupation of the Florida Governor’s office by the “Dream Defenders,” from an inside source, an employee assigned to the Governor’s office (see “Update” in red at the bottom of this post).  

It seems the membership rule for “Dream Defenders” is:  “No dreamboats need apply.”  A taste: (more…)

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Rolling Stones glam rock cover boy Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in happier times:

Handout image of accused Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover of August 1 issue of Rolling Stone magazine

Tsarnaev meekly surrendering to police after being shot up:


More from the Boston Herald and Boston Magazine.

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A group with somewhat shady origins – whose members fancy themselves the intellectual heirs to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and call themselves the “Dream Defenders” — is currently occupying the office of the Governor of Florida.  They are protesting racial profiling and targeting, prompted by the acquittal of George Zimmerman, who they believe racially profiled and targeted Trayvon Martin — whose only mistake was being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

With their deep commitment to ensuring that people are never again profiled and targeted, and ultimately killed, based on their race, surely the Dream Defenders will next move on to the Atlanta area, to launch a protest against the four teenagers of the same race who recently ganged up on a middle-age man of a different race, drove him into a highway, beat him unconscious, and watched as he was run over by a car — whose only mistake was that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. (more…)

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Aaron Klein has publicized further evidence that Dream Defenders — the so-called “student group” that supposedly emerged as a spontaneous grassroots reaction to the death of Trayvon Martin — is a bogus “astroturf” front group created and funded by the law firm representing the Martin family, and/or ultra-left-wing ideological allies. (more…)

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Here’s a video documenting how the U.S. Dept. of Justice helped the Dream Defenders — a bogus “student group” run by paid activists with links to ACORN and Occupy — target George Zimmerman and the Sanford police chief in April, 2012.  It includes excerpts from an 82-minute audio recording of an April 19, 2012, meeting headed up by the DOJ official. (more…)

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Consider the Mission Statement of the U.S. General Services Administration (“GSA”):

The mission of GSA is to deliver the best value in real estate, acquisition, and technology services to government and the American people.

Now consider how the GSA carries out that mission.  As recently revealed by Judicial Watch, among its many cinematic efforts the GSA has remade  the running scenes in “Rocky II” and “Rocky III, “Mission Impossible,” and “The Godfather.” (more…)

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Readers of Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) may be perturbed that the Edward Jay Epstein blog post (“Snowden’s Penetration”) he linked to at 10:52 a.m. has now (as of 1:45 p.m. Central time) gone missing. As a service to Instapundit readers, and as an historical record of Mr. Epstein’s comments regarding a matter of great public importance, below is an archived copy of the post. (more…)

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Here are some informative, as well as highly entertaining, excerpts from the Rush Limbaugh Show, April 26, 2013, on Penelope Trunks recent post, “New paths to a great job.” (more…)

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Here are highly entertaining excerpts from The Howie Carr Show, 4/24/2013, regarding the national story broken by Carr and the Boston Herald: that the Boston Marathon bombing terrorists, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, were on welfare. Herald story here. Carr essays here and here.


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On the morning of April 23, 2013, Watertown, Massachusetts, resident Andrew Kitzenberg (@AKitz) posted a MEDIA ALERT offering to the world, under a Creative Commons license, 16 digital photos he took on April 19 of the Watertown shootout between the Boston Marathon bombers (who I’m calling the Brothers Tsarnaev) and the police. (This was merely the first Watertown gunfight of April 19; later in the day the epic “Gunfight at the Shrink-Wrapped Boat” occurred.)

Mr. Kitzenberg posted the photos on this page, along with his narrative about the photos and the events he witnessed.  Mr. Kitzenberg’s only conditions were that any reuse of the photos credit him as the photographer, and include a mention of the website of his company (www.getonhand.com) which is fundraising for the ONE FUND Boston.

Many bloggers, including Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit), linked to that page.  Then Mr. Kitzenberg appeared on CNN, giving a detailed interview about his photos (video here). Then, somewhat oddly, Mr. Kitzenberg deleted all the photos from his website (leaving the descriptions intact), offering a crytic explanation:

UPDATE 3:20PM 4/23/2013: I have decided to take down the photos during the ongoing investigation.

Right now (about 10 p.m. Central time), the photos are still viewable in Google cache.  To ensure they will be permanently viewable in their original context, the original page is recreated below (more…)

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The duo I’m calling The Brothers Tsarnaev – Tamerlan and Dzhokhar, the cowardly Boston Marathon terrorist bombers with a penchant for videos on Islamic jihad, who were called “losers” by their own uncle – are finally getting some positive press coverage.

Yesterday the New York Times published a sympathetic puff piece on the brothers which puts their evil deeds in context.  In particular, it details how difficult it was for these young men, born and raised in a foreign country, to adjust to life in America. The original title of the article captured this focus perfectly:  “Far From War-Torn Homeland, Trying to Fit In”  (for some reason the Times later changed the title, as Jim Treacher of the Daily Caller caught.) (more…)

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The scene last night in St. Louis at a hockey game between the St. Louis Blues and the Dallas Stars:

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Three-minute video putting in context the exclusive video aired tonight by WHDH Boston NBC of cowardly Boston Marathon terrorist “loser” # 2, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, starring in the epic “Gunfight at the Shrink-Wrapped Boat.”

No word yet on whether he hit anything. May he enjoy eternity in Hell after being tossed into the dust-bin of history specially reserved for losers.

Update (11:25 p.m. Eastern):  another video clip, from a different angle, here.

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Here are highlights from the Islamic-themed videos featured on the social media pages of the Boston Marathon terrorists, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Might the videos assist President Obama in fulfilling his vow of April 15, 2013, to “find out why they did this”?  (Then again, perhaps that question was only operative during speculation that the culprits were right-wing, anti-government, possibly Christian extremists.)

H/t to Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit) and Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) for their posts calling attention to the videos.

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This just in from Fox News (h/t Dan Riehl):

A federal law enforcement source told Fox News that investigators are looking for two men that are persons of interest in Monday’s Boston Marathon terror attack and have distributed photos for “law enforcement eyes only.”

The FBI is not sharing the photos with the public.

A Fox News reporter has seen the photos and called them “clear.”

According to the reporter, one of the men has a backpack that appears to match the bag believed to have been used in the attack. The other man also appears to have a bag of some kind.

The source asked that the images not be made public for fear of jeopardizing the investigation.

Badger Pundit has a long record of advocating transparency in government, has obtained a leaked copy of one of the photos, and can confirm that it is, indeed, “clear” (apparently taken from a high-definition video), and that one of the men has a dark backpack that appears similar to that used in the attack.

Both appear to be clean-shaven, 30-something, short white men with dark hair.  The photo has been uploaded here. If you recognize either man, please call 1-800-FBI-TIPS.

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Key excerpts from the Florida House committee hearing in which a pro-choice Democrat, Rep. Mike Clelland, rebuked Planned Parenthood’s embrace of infanticide.  Hearing held 3/25/2013.  Full video available here.


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Video from 1983′s “Cujo” and from 3/23/2013 attack by “Shiner” on a baby sea lion. You decide which dog is scarier!

VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED: Scary dog-on-human and dog-on-baby-sea-lion violence, and much screaming.

For more information on the Giffords family — those “dangerous liberals” — read yesterday’s post.

Once you’ve watched the video, PLEASE VOTE! 

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Recently the Giffords family’s attack dog, Shiner (who takes after “Cujo“) — [UPDATE: new video here on which is the "World's Scariest Dog":  "Cujo" or "Shiner"] — played tug of war with Giffords’ stepdaughter, Claudia, over a baby sea lion. Here’s the video!

More background on Shiner and  the bloody battle on the beach at the Daily Mail.


Claudia Kelly (Gabby Giffords’ stepdaughter) with Shiner, in happier times (more…)

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The “skilled tax leaders” at the IRS — its words, from a 2010 “training” video — are in the news today for spending $60,000 on the video.   (more…)

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