Dr. Charles A. Murray

Dr. Charles A. Murray

Charles A. Murray, Ph.D., the well-known and influential libertarian political scientist — currently a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute — made an appearance at Harvard on March 13.

In a program moderated by William Kristol, he discussed and then took audience questions concerning his 2013 book, Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010.

(Another book by the prolific Dr. Murray comes out next month – although at least one member of the blogging elite already has a copy.)

For those not already familiar with Coming Apart, here are some worthwhile reviews of it:  New York Times, American Spectator, Wall St. JournalN.Y. Review of Books, Washington Times, and New Yorker.

A full video of this terrific event (running 68 minutes) is available on Harvard’s website.

The following 11 videos gather highlights, broken out by topic, to facilitate browsing. To watch all the videos in chronological order, or browse using the playlist menu, click here.

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T. Beckett Adams

T. Becket Adams

By day, T. Becket Adams (@BecketAdams) is a mega-star in the conservative blogosphere, as a D.C.-based editor at The Blaze.

By night, when he’s not catching up on his favorite TV shows (currently True Detective), Adams transforms himself into the “Lonely Drinker,” inhabiting bars and (perhaps auditioning for a position with TMZ or BuzzFeed) tweeting wry observations about other bar patrons — and uploading the occasional selfie.

Here are some excerpts from tonight (for the full timeline, click here).
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On March 10, 2014, liberals suddenly discovered that the word “bossy” is part of the “War on Women.”

Inconveniently, that’s what the President calls the First Lady.

And it’s on video.


Being a progressive means: (1) being quick to play the victim; but (2) being just as quick to abandon that position, and wax apologetic, if there’s any chance your remarks might be construed as politically incorrect.

Andrea Jennifer Shubert

Andrea Jennifer Shubert

Meet Andrea Jennifer Shubert, a game designer who works and lives in the Boston area.  Yesterday she was one of many commuters inconvenienced by President Obama’s visit to Harvard Square for a political event — something she felt the world ought to know:


Intelligence Squared debates (a series on public policy topics broadcast by NPR and funded by the Rosenkranz Foundation) have been called the “intellectual equivalent of a pro-wrestling smackdown.” They feature spirited exchanges and a clear winner (based on before-and-after voting by the audience).

On Feb. 27 a capacity crowd at Harvard Law School witnessed an epic smackdown of two Ivy League law professors who entered the arena in defense of affirmative action: Harvard’s Randall Kennedy (author of For Discrimination; review here) and Columbia’s Theodore Shaw (former head of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund). (For general background see pieces by Prof. Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz and the Harvard Crimson.)

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Vicki McKenna

Madison-based conservative talk-radio host Vicki McKenna, who broke the Debbie Hosking story on January 24, during her January 28 show addressed the broader lesson of the story regarding the tactics conservatives should use to redress the malignant leftism which is entrenched in much of the public educational system.

Her bottom line? Because more gentle measures have failed to stem continuing abuses, it’s time to “name names”: parents and students should work to publicly identify the worst offenders, by notifying conservative news outlets which can help expose the misconduct, and thus simultaneously build pressure for reforms and help deter future abuses. Continue Reading »

That’s the new take on the Debbie Hosking story emphasized by a leading Wisconsin conservative talk-radio host, Charlie Sykes, during his January 27 & 28 programs on Milwaukee’s WTMJ.

Charlie Sykes

Charlie Sykes

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